INSPEM uses artificial intelligence technology to recognize faces and objects using static phones and cameras, built on blockchains that encourage full transparency.
INSPEM LLC was established in 2015. The legal entity is registered on April 03, 2015 with DUNS Number: 102122-196939
INSPEM has apps that work for android & iOS with over 20,000 downloads.
INSPEM has more than 10 000 registered users. The main website is and can be translated into 28 languages.
When INSPEM service is introduced in 2015, it allows users to find people they meet randomly. INSPEM thinks this idea will be used rampantly by the majority of men, but for team shock, as shown by statistical data, 40% of the application’s user population is fema. The women just take photos of people they love on the road from a distance, upload the photos to our service and wait for some acquaintances to recognize the man and share his social networking profile.


All of the currently existing solutions are local and limited:
● the search is limited by a specific data base.
● the video data is received from a limited number of devices (government owned cameras, commercial cameras within a certain object).
Missing people search
Quite a lot of time passes from the point a person has gone missing until the start of the search for them. Search squads and police still search for missing people using flashlights in the outdoors and abandoned buildings. If that person is not wanted on a federal or international level (which does not happen in such cases), their relatives have little to no chances to find them in another city.
It’s often that the information on persons movement could be obtained through quicker, more technological approach. There is currently no unified database, to which one could have uploaded a person’s picture to track their movements around the city or the country. The police has one database, the Interpol has another, the search squads has yet another and so on. All these factors stand in the way of quick determination of the specific person’s location or their movements


Key features
● The large scale of the INSPEM service allow carrying out the search in any corner of the Earth.
● The INSPEM ver.2.0 platform would employ the advanced video analytics based on learning neural networks for the swiftest and the most effective face recognition.
Our solution
Our technology is built around the main principle: being able to find a person without revealing their personal information, which is of utmost importance in most of the countries.
Any person on the planet would be able to connect any IP-camera, smartphone or a driving recorder to our platform on a software level. The connection would be established by the means DynDNS or P2P services, which are the most accessible for the regular user. The camera would remain at the same place and record footage as usual. The only requirement is the Internet connection.
Then the user logs into INSPEM, registers his camera by specifying its serial number and password. After that, the service requests the network location of the camera from the vendor’s server and passes it to the nearest (in terms of the network) host for processing. What we get is the decentralization and the minimal network load. Vendor’s servers together with INSPEM participate in the connection establishment stage, while INSPEM tracks the analytics operations and receive results.

During Pre-Sales and ICO the INSPEM platform releases and distributes the INP token. All expense reports automatically sign up to the Ethereum blockchain. The INSPEM team will also publish a detailed report on expenditures. The report is published on the official INSPEM blog:

● 80% of tokens would be distributed to investors during the ICO;
● 15% of tokens would be dedicated to founders and developers;
● 5% of tokens would be spent within the bounty campaign framework.

  • 40% — development and integration. Developing the INSPEM platform based on the already existing MVP with deep machine learning (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technology. Integration of partner systems with the INSPEM platform and the «smart cities» connection in order to access the maximal possible number of cameras around the world. Renovation of the mobile applications and web-platform. Developing of our own API for interaction of any video devices with our software.
    ● 30% — marketing expenses for participation in the international exhibitions, PR, users and partners engaging for swift exponential growth;
    ● 20% — primary fund for token maintenance of token exchange liquidity and INP buy-back from the investors;
    ● 10% — operating expenses for the office, legal support.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
PRE-SALE [20 March, 2018–16 April, 2018]
IСO [01 May, 2018–28 May, 2018]
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