Forty Seven Bank, the Phenomenon Bank with IT Service

Forty Seven Bank was founded in 2017 and incorporated in London , it is a innovative financial technology startup. They will be specialising in digital financial services by fully supporting fiat and cryptocurrencies. Multi-Asset Account will be one of the featured innovatie them, it will allow customers to have access to all their accounts in different banks and crypto wallets. Forty Seven bank will unite traditional finance service and cryptoworld to grant a new unique opportunities to both of them.

Forty Seven bank offers banking services for private users and financial companies and they will create Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) compliant innovative infrastructure with flexible API that will allow developers to create their fintech applications and white label products and services under the roof of Forty Seven Bank. Apart from that we will work with individuals, businesses, traders, as well as with other financial institutions and even governments. They want to be an user friendly and innovative financial services and products to the costumers.

Forty Seven Bank which is going to be specialized in digital finance services will fully support cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies. This bank which is a first of its kind will be a fully digital innovative branchless financial institution. You have nothing to worry about as it complies with:

  • All EU directives
  • Basel III
  • Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Bank of England Requirements

The platform will offer financial services, such as sales and purchases, investments or exchange opportunities. Forty Seven is a unique project built to create a modern universal bank for both users of cryptocurrencies and adherents of the traditional monetary system; banks to be recognized by international financial organizations; a bank that will comply with all regulatory requirements.

Forty Seven Bank will provide a variety of products and services to the private customers like the smart ATMs, transactions in both Fiat and Non-fiat currencies. Customer Relationship Management has changed the approach to customer service in the past. Similarly, the smart contracts connected to the banking services will lead to a new revolution.

Deposits and Loans
The bank will oer deposits and loans in traditional fiat currencies like EUR, USD and others, as well as in non-fiat digital currencies like BTC, ETH and others. At the moment, there is no financial institution in the world that is oering similar products in non-fiat digital assets, whereas we see that there is huge potential in developing and introducing classic banking products for non-fiat digital currencies.

Investments and Brokerage : Individual clients will have opportunities to create and manage their investment portfolio by using investment and brokerage services provided by Forty Seven Bank. The bank is going to develop its own exchange in addition to partnering exchanges that could be connected to by using Forty Seven Bank platform via API.

Mobile systems

Biometric verification already works in a number of mobile banking applications. The system was introduced once the first iPad and iPhone models with the Touch ID panel came out.

Now, the solution is actively used not only by foreign, but also by Russian financial institutions. Alfa-Bank, Sberbank, Tinkoff Bank and MTS Bank have already made it possible for smartphones equipped with biometric sensors to access the application using a fingerprint. Russian banks are not going to stop there: Binbank will introduce voice recognition and photo identification in the next two years.

Other Services
The bank will also oer traditional products and services like insurance, payments and transfers, payment history and analysis, cash withdrawals at Forty Seven Bank Smart ATMs, as well as at ATMs of our partnering banks. Additionally, Forty Seven Bank will provide smart support with integrated machine learning technologies to our individual customers — it will help to resolve issues between the bank and its customers in evective way.


FSBT is based on the ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain and Future token holders can exchange ETH into FSBT through the system of smart contracts interacting with each other.

Token Sale Details
Token : FSBT
Platform : Ethereum (ERC20)
Price : 1 FSBT = 0.0048 ETH, 233.2 FSBT = 1 ETH (Including Currenct Bonus)
Accepting : ETH, BTC, FIAT
Softcap : 3.600 ETH
Hardcap : 36.000 ETH

Token Distribution


At this time Forty Seven Bank already has a banking management certification. In addition to legality, we are also supported by a team of reliable developers. Even some of our developers have got certification expertise in banking and IT. And obviously our developer team already has a lot of experience in the application and design of Blochains technology system . By the time we can estimate the new breakthrough we are running will become a legend in the EU.

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