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Nature inculcated the habit of giving Donations, contributions and assistance into every human in the surface of the earth irrespective of their background to love one another by sharing gifts items for one another and also sending gift items such as food, clothing and raising shelter which are the basic amenities for the less privilege ones, orphanage homes, and widows, helpless widowers etc. especially during festive period or other official occasions. Out of love for these category of people, some persons or group of persons came together to form charity organization to reach out to mention set of less privilege. Such groups are banks, NGOs, state bodies and law firms act as middleman between the less privilege and donor (philanthropies).

Most charity organization prefer using their local market or supermarket as medium for purchase of gift items through their local currency (fiat currency) to run their organization instead of making use of the ecommerce for easy access and fast delivery of items they intend to purchase.

The ecommerce is growing rapidly and making the world more digital in nature and the trending focas of the ecommerce industry accepting digital currency also known as cryptocurrency is getting bigger every day although the charity organization still use archaic and outdated method of sending donations and assistance to the less privilege.
Most philanthropies find the outdated method not convenient for them anymore irrespective of method there are still challenges such as :
 Lack of trust
 Lack of transparency
 Cross border issues in sending donations

The ecommerce industry that is making lot of wave still have challenges such as:
there are more ecommerce evolving which brings market competition as result of most ecommerce companies introduce low and poor loyalty programs for their customer due to emotional and psychological stress in other for them to retain their customers on the long term unknowing to these ecommerce companies that they are making loses since customers don’t appreciate their reward channel.
The humancoin provide a permanent solutions to the discuss challenges and in return integrate charity, ecommerce and cryptocurrency into one single platform to make live easy for every one by using the blockchain technology to revolutionize these industries.

Humancoin create a peer to peer ecosystem between donor, receiver and the ecommerce player in one platform to enable philanthropies to trace how their donations are been use.
The humancoin platform is also develop a user friendly graphics interface platform for all foe effective daily transactions

The Humancoin Solutions To The Present Day Challenges
 The humancoin uses a well design distributed ledger as a means of sending to donations , contributions and assistance in other to eliminate the middle man as listed in above .with the help of the humancoin the lack of trust and transparency is remove from the charity organization . This means there will be no more diversion of funds for personnel use. The end user of the donated fund will be reached and be happy. Humancoin uses the blockchain technology as prove of receipt if funds get to the final destination since the blockchain record transactions and cannot be deleted.
 The humancoin eliminate the cross border challenges faces by philanthropies in sending donations to their desire destinations since the humancoin uses the blockchain technology which is decentralized also help trans-border purchase of items in the ecommerce industry.
 The humancoin create a well design and most organize loyalty program and reward system for customers by personalizes the loyalty program per customer which gives the customer a sense of belonging and to continue to patronage the ecommerce industry
What Makes The Humancoin Unique And Outstanding?
 The humancoin integrate into all existing loyalty programs and enhances the functionality on them for customer’s satisfaction.
 The humancoin is the first global e-commerce loyalty program aggregator
 The humancoin is the first crypto currency platform to have a perfect association with philanthropies in developing loyalty programs and meeting the vision of the philanthropies.
Start date: 15th September 2018 -1st November 2018
Total supply: 3,055,000,000 ERC20 Humancoins
Unit price per token: $0.01
Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH
Softcap — $6 million
Hardcap — $26 million

For more information about the humancoin project and update please visit the below link

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