WULET - Switch loyalty points Your personal cryptocashback from payments that you can use as you like!


Hello, see you again, today I will introduce a wonderful project and many people are interested in joining them, what is that? Come follow me and see what I offer you friends!

Wulet is a unique project that represents a decentralized blockchain loyalty platform. This will give users a good opportunity to use cryptocurrency in everyday life. You can also get new business opportunities. Each platform user will receive money back from making daily purchases.

To receive a project token, simply pay in the store. All received tokens are displayed in your account. In addition, project specialists also offer their client loyalty programs in one application. That's why you no longer need to do an old search, because everything will be in the application.

Features in the Project

Looking at the Wulet platform in more detail, you can see that it has many perspectives. Specialists in future plans to combine among themselves many loyalty programs in one ecosystem. Cryptocurrency will be used as a payment tool on this platform. With his help, many users will be able to trade, create affiliate programs, and also exchange cryptocurrency for fiat funds.


To get started with this platform, just download the mobile application. It has the same function as the desktop version.

ICO details

  • Token Symbol: WU.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Standard: ERC20.
  • Token fee: 1 WU = 0.001 ETH.
  • Number of issued tokens: 91,000,000 WU.
  • Soft cap: 8,000 ETH.
  • Hard cap: 49,000 ETH.


Project principle

Now it's time to speak in more detail about how this unique platform does its work. In simple terms, Wulet is a simple discount aggregator. With his help, in the future you will be able to choose your own loyalty bonus program that is beneficial when buying certain products or services. To use resources, now it's just enough to download the application. After installing the program, you can register. This process is quite simple and takes a lot of time.

You can pay for certain purchases using fiat funds or WU tokens. The entire process is completely automatic and therefore you no longer need to enter your account number or wallet. Also for other features is the fact that the WU cryptocurrency can later be used to store accumulated funds. Specialists will also build a WUshop store on the platform. This is where you can spend tokens to buy various products. The main benefit is the use of the platform does not require intermediaries. All processes on your platform will perform independently.

The idea presented by the project team is interesting and unusual. Previously, there were no successful projects on the same subject. Buyers who use Wulet will have easy access to loyalty programs, and sellers will in turn be able to obtain new buyers and increase sales significantly.

Priority in this project

Now it's time to consider the benefits that make this platform stand out from the others:

  • Wulet is a unique application that can combine all loyalty programs.
  • To popularize the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life, a blockchain platform is created that will allow users to monetize available bonus programs.
  • Now you can use the telephone number registered to get a bonus. The accumulated points will be displayed in your account.




In the development of a truly experienced and professional work platform. They have been involved in making these projects for a long time and have gained good skills in the field of blockchain development. You can get to know the team in more detail in the photo below:


Conclusion from me

As you can see, the Wulet project is an elegant and simple solution. Easy enough, so many experts argue that applications will quickly gain popularity. To invest in a platform must go to the official website.

For more detailed information about this project, you can use the following link:

Website: https://wulet.io/.

White paper: https://wulet.io/wu_pres_en.pdf.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wulet_io.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wulet.io/.

Telegram: https://t.me/wulet_io.

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