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Saturn Black is a provider of liquidity to cryptography markets cross-chain exchange and otc saturn trading platform is a platform for direct exchange of encryption asset chain with the decentralized protocol a symbiosis of the convenience of direct atomic exchange and the reliability of a third party guarantor.

Legal and safe transactions for players in the encryption market our goal: to create a qualitatively new, liquid and secure market for pre-sale encryption assets saturn black from December 22, 2018, the symbolic sale of saturn black enters in the pre-sale phase, which lasts until January 22, 2019, the price of an xsat token for the entire pre-sale period will be equivalent to US $ 0.1 in exchange for investors for projects. For the community's market liquidity cryptography leaves much to be desired. Attractive at first glance, cryptographic assets, after careful research, do not always meet the demands of crypto players. The choice of investors in cryptographic assets is limited to several atomic swap protocol.

On the atomic exchange of crypto-coins, I first heard in September 2017 from the media. charlie lee - the creator of litecoin, on his Twitter announced the successful implementation of the atomic exchange between litecoin, bitcoin, decred and several other update of the token sale saturn black previously, we wrote about plans to carry out the sale of tokens.

We received feedback from the encryption community and took steps to refine the concept of saturn black and the end product. Following the logic of the circumstances, we changed the token sale dates and the digital alchemy of saturn. Concept of a token if we consider a separate market in all available trading pairs, then trading operations the interaction of two or more cryptographic active substances that come into the reaction switch between holders of a quoted and quoted asset. Two assets interact with other assets in all trading pairs available for the instrument. to imagine how the movement of cryptographic assets occurs, we tried to show it in the form of a scheme in alchemy there were 12 processes of substance interaction.

Our team identified 5 types of reactions that satisfy our cryptographic asset liquidity transformation concept: dissolution, separation, multiplication, projection, and fixation.

Visually, it looks like the asset movement in the scheme below, where n is a low liquidity asset listed on the saturn platform during the token sale, the token xsat occupies a central place in saturn's infrastructure and business model. The global task of our team is to obtain symbolic liquidity, including the use of a token as a payment instrument with the ability to exchange instantly for goods, the xsat will be used as a quotation asset in saturn's services: foreign exchange and over-the-counter transactions , auction about saturn black is the czech republic.

We also continue to ask questions about all available jurisdictions that can ensure the legality of our services in the future create a qualitatively new, liquid and safe cryptomanes market. Read more in the white paper the main members of the saturn black team are specialists in the field of investment , trading in exchanges and of course, integration and systematization of programs their names are dmitriy zykov, vadim machnev, vladimir nikulshin and detailed information can be found on our site yes, the team has partners.

They are, my wish, the list of partners is systematically updated yes, saturn black launches the exchange trading platform and otc for cryptocurrencies based on the cross-chain exchange swap protocol.

The saturn team plans to provide p2p trading services to traders, investors, companies and brokers investment in black saturn our company can not promise you a profit as we have created a platform for a secure and cross-exchange of encryption assets.

The purchase of xsat tokens gives you the opportunity to get rid of low liquidity tokens that will definitely not make you profit and may disappear from the encryption market forever and taking into account the increased price of the xsat token, you will be able to secure your desired profit the process of purchasing the Xsat token is described here the purchase terms can be found on our web site. column of legal information. and this web page will help you buy a token on the private sail stage for more information visit the website and read the white paper for more details.



XSAT public sales took place in January 2019. The team had to do a lot of work at all previous stages, so it was impossible to determine the exact date of the opening of public sales.

At the stage of public sales on the Saturn platform, the acquisition of XSAT tokens will be available in exchange for about 300 cryptoactive assets.

At each stage, the price of XSAT and the list of cryptoactive assets received are different.

Up-to-date information on cost changes and the start of a new phase will be available on the project website.

After filling in the sales token, the Saturn team will continue the implementation of the roadmap articles.

The XSAT token will be available for trading on our platform after the sale token is filled.

Also, during the project implementation, following the principles of reasonable prices, we plan to place XSAT on the popular crypto-exchange.


As a result, I witnessed projects that were well thought out with aggressive ambitions and every opportunity to realize them! This project is implemented very simply and at the same time contains very large functions and good ideas to solve many problems!

This project has a very good ranking on most lists, and this is justified, considering almost unique ideas and professional application.

The project team does everything in its power to support and improve the project. He likes to answer all questions from the community and investors. And most importantly, it won't disappear after ICO! And this is very important in our day. As I said, project estimates are very high, and they are not given by ordinary people, but by professionals! I advise you to study this project in more detail, I see great potential in it! I'm very glad you have read to the end, and this means you like my review and this project. And this is the main thing I want to achieve by working on this review. I try to convey all the information gathered in the shortest and simplest form, the easiest to understand!

Thank you very much for being with me.


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