To buy something, you need to sell something. And to sell a product or service you need to invest in advertisement. Up to 30% of the cost, for example, a smartphone - may be due to the manufacturer’s marketing costs. That is, buyers pay advertising costs, and suppliers have no choice but to invest huge money in marketing. Why is this happening?

The fact is that all the cards in this game are in the hands of advertising agencies. It’s not profitable for them to be effective, they need suppliers of goods and services to apply for advertising again and again. Advertising agencies charge gigantic prices for their services, practically “from a lantern”. From order to placement, advertising often goes through a huge number of intermediaries, and they all need to give their share. At the same time, the customer cannot obtain accurate data on how effective the advertising campaign was. Maybe you need to change something? Maybe the ad worked “into the void”, and the target audience does not know about your first-class product? Alas, no one will give the manufacturer fully reliable data on the reaction and reach of the audience, on promising areas of advancement. Large companies spend millions on their own marketing research, and expand the market coverage at the expense of these costs, which in the end are also included in the cost of the product for us.


SaTT will change the transaction between advertisers and content editors to be instant, transparent and secure! The SaTT is an ERC20 token created to facilitate advertising transactions with a smart contract. No more late payments or expensive banking services. A decentralized system for quantifying the results of a campaign thanks to third-party applications and smart contract.

The SaTT is a «token utility» based on blockchain technology that allows the exchange of advertising and audience payment. SaTT is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offers with all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the final remuneration. The Ethereum blockchain is fast, inexpensive, safe and versatile allowing distribution of rewards on the internet traffic market more equitable by removing all the constraints induced by centralized intermediaries.

What is SaTT?

The brief SaTT stands for “Smart token for advertisement transactions”. SaTT is a utilitarian token like ERC-223, managed by a smart contract. A smart contract is able to perform many tasks:

  1. Reward the user for viewing advertisements or product reviews.
  2. Provide advertisers with detailed and reliable statistics about the conversion of ads.
  3. Allows you to specify which actions to reward users: (click, view, review, like, repost ...)
  4. Allows the advertiser to choose the size of the reward, and accordingly plan their advertising budget.
  5. Thanks to the recording of all actions in the blockchain - data falsification will be impossible.
  6. The nature of the advertising campaign can be changed directly “on the go,” to test the response of the audience, and achieve the greatest efficiency.

All this saves money to the advertiser, which indirectly leads to a decrease in the cost of its services and products, while at the same time allowing ordinary users to earn money through ad views.

The Problem

Until now, there was no simple and effective offer to meet this need: it was human work, agency work. Advertisers and publishers in many ad networks must rely on centralized ad agencies without being able to verify the statistical results provided, which can be skewed making campaigns more expensive. In the case of a technical failure on a centralized platform, all ad campaigns stop working until the incident is resolved and if a centralized network is hacked, hackers can access all accounts in the system.

The traditional business model of traditional and centralized advertising agencies is based on a prohibitive cost of entry and monthly billing for the services provided. The minimum fee for using their interface ranges from several hundred to thousands of dollars per month and affiliate commission payments can take several months, resulting in significant transfer fees and can even be blocked in the event of a minimum billing bill.

Our Solution

The blockchain is a decentralized and distributed database that guarantees the integrity of data and transactions. Thanks to the blockchain, advertisers and their campaigns are not connected to each other. Thus, they are not all affected by hacking or malfunctioning. Thanks to the Smart Contract SaTT, ads and transactions are governed by modules of autonomous beings secured by the Ethereum blockchain. In the event of a malfunction of a module or Oracle, the integrity of other advertisers’ ads is preserved.

The transaction cost is divided between encryption and Oracle modules according to the needs. Therefore there is no minimum monthly billing. The competition between Oracle modules guarantees a high level of service and competitive rates. By using SaTTs, payments are immediate as soon as the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees, providing the industry with significant cost savings.

How It Works

The Smart Contract SaTT allows the advertiser to run ads based on its performance goals and can track the evolution of its advertising campaign on the interfaces that it used to use as Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook Analytics thanks to Oracle module connections relaying information between the Smart Contract and a data source to define the parameters of a transaction. Thanks to the blockchain, the publisher is guaranteed that the campaign is provisioned and that it will be paid as soon as it satisfies the conditions set by the advertiser or the campaign end date defined in the transaction. Once the objectives are achieved, the Smart Contract triggers the transaction automatically and the specified funds are transferred directly to its portfolio net of the commission paid to the Oracle modules.

Blockchain and Tokenized Economy

The Smart Contract SaTT works in a decentralized and distributed way. The blockchain will include all current offers allowing any API or platform to perform operations whether it is the creation as part of an ad builder, the display to make an ad directory, or in Oracle for example by providing the statistics needed to validate and quantify the transaction. To make the SaTT more liquid, we will install the PayBySaTT function on our application store and offer an SDK for third-party developers so that many products and exclusive events are payable in SaTT.

The principle of operation of SaTT is simple and effective:

1) The advertiser selects partner media resources on which ads will be placed. Then determines the level of participation of partners in the advertising campaign. Also, this job can be assigned to a special oracle, which will automatically select the best options.

2) Having determined the partners and their participation, the advertiser enters this data into the smart contract, calculates the cost of the campaign and lays in the smart contract the corresponding number of SaTT tokens.

3) After placing an ad, the advertiser adjusts the campaign parameters based on reliable conversion information received from the smart contract.

4) Partners who have posted ads, and consumers who have seen the ad, automatically receive a SaTT token reward through a smart contract, depending on the degree of their participation and activity.

In the future, consumers will be able to exchange SaTT tokens for fiat money, or to exchange tokens for exclusive products of the manufacturer who advertised. This is possible because SaTT tokens support the ERC-223 standard, according to which every token is unique and traceable. All these features give the SaTT project significant advantages over ad networks like Google AdWords. Token, oracle, and SaTT smart contract are developed by ATAYEN from the USA, which specializes in developing business applications for social networks, and works closely with media marketing. The company has already created and successfully tested a beta version of the platform, rewarding users for advertising responses. ATAYEN services are used by corporations such as IKEA, ASUS, and McDonald's. To improve the platform, it was decided to transfer it to the blockchain, and conduct ICO. The more tokens sold out, the less the bonus for investors becomes. The price of a single token is $ 0.42, Ethereum and Bitcoin cryptocurrencies are accepted, it is also possible to purchase tokens for dollars or euros by means of a bank payment.

Token Information

  • Token: SaTT
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO: 0.4200 USD


  • Pre ICO 100%
  • Step 1 50%
  • Step 2 30%
  • Step 3 20%
  • Step 4 10%
  • Tokens for sale: 68,000,000

Investment Information

  • Accepting: ETH, BTC, Fiat
  • Distributed in ICO: 34%
  • Soft cap: 3,360,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 28,560,000 USD

SaTT Token is a real revolution in the advertisement industry. The development of the SaTT ecosystem is beneficial both for businesses that sell on the Internet (that is, for almost all modern businesses) and for buyers of goods and services. The field of Internet marketing is only growing, corporations are spending huge amounts of money, and these funds will go to those who provide more profitable and effective ways of advertising, compared to competitors. And therefore, SaTT’s token and smart contracts will have almost guaranteed success.



Author: Supertar
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