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Just information for you>Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the field of digital currency manufacturing technology. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it impossible to fake it. The value of cryptocurrency prices is largely determined by the buying and selling power of users of this technology. Cryptocurrency is very much developed by various companies and teams of engineers in various parts of the world. Even Google Ventures also invests in one of cryptocurrency technologies. According to my observation, until now there have been more than 500 cryptocurrency made based on my monitor on the website. Where some cryptocurrency has different concepts and some have concepts that mimic other coins.

About The Project

Leading crypto exchange OOOBTC just introduced Cross-Chain transactions on their platform. With atomic cross chain swaps, users from different blockchains can complete transactions without having to transfer their own funds to a 3rd party exchange.
OOOBTC the Singapore based is taking a step ahead to enhance security and user experience by enabling cross-chain transactions on their platform. Being the first major exchange to introduce this feature, they are giving a real challenge to fellow centralized exchanges. Their move to atomic cross chain transactions comes along with the wave of several exchanges to become decentralized and putting the power back into the hands of their users.Centralized exchanges can easily become breeding grounds for hackers. Once the exchange has become vulnerable, it is nearly impossible for its users to withdraw their funds during security breaches. Atomic cross chain transactions will aid users with more secured transactions.With centralized exchanges, users are at the platform’s mercy at any given time. If at any time an exchange were to shut down or lose funds, there is nothing a user can do to retrieve their funds back. Because of this, many are exclaiming that atomic swaps could cause a large, potential threat to exchanges and the current way they operate.

OOOBTC cross chain atomic swaps or “atomic swaps” will allow 2 parties to maintain their funds on their own blockchain and complete crypto-based trades. These types of trades can happen instantaneously.
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    We've been taking differently cautious estimates like cold storage system, 2-factor authentication and encryption technology to encode your own record data, which enable you to have guaranteed assurance of your reserve.
    Based on the exact and secure technology, our terminal is set up to give solid and quality administrations which ensure you can trade any of the OOOBTC money matches free from every one of the stresses.
    Operating the biggest volume digital asset exchange on the planet, it's currently or never, accompany us and get the chance to exploit our driving technology rapidly and we can build the biggest market for digital assets ever. Get in touch with OOOBTC:

OOOBTC does not integrate leveraging in its operational framework. To put it simply, it does not offer leveraged trading. People whose interest is in leveraged trading and are not concerned about owning the coins should rather opt for a regulated forex broker that provides CFDs on cryptocurrencies. Over there, the clients can freely and legitly trade on margin.
OOOBTC unlike other platforms like BitMEX does not allow the practice of anonymity in trading. Clients are under compulsion to reveal their true identity and are required to verify thememselves when signing up for the platform. The exchange platform only requires a copy of an ID document and selfie. Obviously, OOOBTC partners with verification services provider named Jumio.
The platform OOOBTC is known for low trading fees. It runs a relatively low fee of 0.25% which is quite reasonable and favourable. However, OOOBTC does not require deposit fees for crypocurrencies. But for crypto withdrawal, it charges miners fee. Well, this is perhaps the standard practice for many exchange platforms with respects to cryptocurrency deposit.
OOOBTC sets withdrawal limits with a view to preventing fraudulent practices and theft. In the same vein, the new unverified accounts cannot withdraw at all. Consequently, accounts having basic verification can withdraw 0.4 or equivalent BTC per day. Those referred to as ” enabled accounts” can withdraw up to 100 or (equivalent) BTC per day given the enablement of two factors.
Interestingly OOOBTC provides 2-factor authentication and encryption of the users’ information. Funds are stored in offline cold storage, which makes them inaccessible to hackers. This fosters a high degree of security.


  • 55% - Trading competition.
  • 20% - Distribute OBX based on OBX balance.
  • 10% - Distribute OBX based on user asset balance.
  • 10% - Airdrop.
  • 5% - Recomm end new users.


  • 35% - Airdrop, Bounty and Public Shares.
  • 30% - Community building, Marketing and Partnership.
  • 25% - Locked for Technological development.
  • 10% - Co-founders and Development Team.


Technology Blockchains are changing the world to a decentralized world andthere is a need to trade in innovative and secure platform where users arearound the world can safety and easily exchange their assets, evvery day cryptocurencies are more legitimate and the number of companiesthat is accepting cryptocurrencies keep increasing, we believee OOObtc in decenralization and givimg power to the community members, we alsobelieve in community building and partnership.


Q2 2017 > Conduct market researchand verify technical and market feasibility.
Q3 2017 > Set up the projectteam, obtain project Approval and develop products.
Q4 2017 > Main project launch, OOOBTC launchthemost Largest Singapore crypto Currency exchange.
Q1 2018 > Public API Release, develop new Prototype capable of more than 50,000 TPS.
Q2 Q3 2018 > Launchof newand improved exchange UI/UX withmassive upgradesfor traders including aworldclassUIthatisresponsive for mobileusers.
Q4 2018 > OOOBTC launch Atomic swap trading (Atomic Cross-chain transaction).
Q1 2019 > Launch of OOOBTC token (OBX TOKEN), the launch of ooobtc token which will be the backbone to the exchange. Aidrops, bounty, trading competitions, listing competitions amo ng solid projects.
Q2 2019 > Launch of anewaffiliate reward program forreferrersto the platform, full worldwide promotions and marketingof ooobtc exchange.
Q3 Q4 2019 > OOOBTC version 2.0 launch mobile app with 100% friendly. More crypto games integration.
2020 > Newroadmap update and Continue development of The exchange. Fiat pairing and Debit card integration.


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