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The modern world is only saturated with a large number of different solutions and directions aimed at developing and attracting clients and customers to certain distribution networks or organizations. Current market relations between buyers and sellers are more vulnerable than before, and can break up anytime and for any reason. This is connected in many cases with a large analogous choice, where customers can leave, regardless of all the benefits of certain stores, organizations, cafes, bars, restaurants, and so on.

Therefore, to retain their customers, manufacturers are looking for all kinds of tricks and manipulations, offering us their unique loyalty program. This trick is felt by the world hard, and many people really begin to more consciously approach their favorite store choices, because each of them is ready to offer them better conditions of loyalty.

However, regardless of the popularity and effectiveness of this model, many people begin to experience negative emotions about certain loyalty systems that do not allow them to get the maximum benefit from their use. To understand what I just said, I propose to consider a painful classic example, which is very often found in most buyers who have chosen a particular loyalty system.

For example, you like buying products in very popular supermarkets, which offer a very pleasant and very generous loyalty system. Every day you get everything you need, and at the end of the month you collect a decent amount of points, which you can use again, buy any item from this shop of your choice. However, very often there are common problems when buyers just forget about the condition of the action and do not use the monthly opportunity. As a result, the accumulated ball caught fire, and he received no additional benefit from the fact that he participated in this loyalty program altogether.

As practice shows, of the total global loyalty program turnover, which amounts to almost 50 billion US dollars, almost 16 billion US dollars are not used, participating in the classic loyalty system. Thus, we can say with confidence that people lose their money because of a poorly designed loyalty system from stores and certain businesses that provide it. The new decentralization project - KoiTech - offers to solve this problem.

Why Invest in KOI?

  • KOI is one of the best investments in cryptoactives at the moment, because we have contemplated the projects and its profitability for investors. We encourage integration with commercial sector, rewarding the use of our plataform.
  • In addition to providing multiple income options to the holders of our token, we provide a solution to business needs that require transparency, speed and easy of use that only KOI can offer.
  • Our investor will have the opportunity to market our token for other cryptocurrencies in several important exchanges, we also offer up to 20% in bonuses and prices discounts on the amount you wish to invest.

About the project
As you already understand, KoiTech uses modern blockchain technology as a powerful tool with the project reaching a new level of competence, and will also be able to eliminate all of the above problems. It is important to note that KoiTech will bring together all large, medium and small organizations around the world who are ready to offer their loyalty system, while users will receive a number of benefits that are only available in this ecosystem.

It is a utility token based on the Ethereum under the ERC20 standard, created to facilitate transactions P2P, P2C, C2C and in the applications of our ecosystem. We will build the true massification of the blockchain and our developments are directed to take advantage of its potential without requiring technology for it

They are a Fintech company that is in charge of analyzing the weaknesses of the current market and create specific tools that meet the needs and ensure the investment growth of our partners. Our mission is to promote the use of the blockchain within any environment and commercial sector, developing ideas and innovative projects that allow access for all to a transparent and decentralized economy.They will take the blockchain out of technology.

They projects
Most of the projects related to the blockchain are aimed at people who have computer skills, excluding a large number of people who, due to lack of knowledge or lack of access to technology, have not been able to take advantage effectively to all the advances that the blockchain offers to its users. They main idea is focused on the construction of a complete ecosystem so that they currency circulates, involving different economic and social sectors, to the tools of easy use and access that allows users without knowledge to take advantage of the potential of the blockchain. They technology can be used for P2P, P2C, C2C transactions, for the fast and transparent sending / receiving of remittances, for voting, courses, federative sports payments and many other applications.

Virtual POS / Wallet
One of the most difficult areas with which new users of the blockchain have been discovered is the lack of choice and simplicity when making transactions, however, at KoiTech Studio they find solutions to those difficulties, and even more so, they provide access to people with little knowledge and without the technology you want. They simplify commercial value exchanges, eliminate banking fees and connections, enable fast and secure transactions, use technological means such as your cellphone, through a web platform or only use your ID.

Legendary Culture
They are developing a platform for video games based on collectible ERC-721 tokens, which must be obtained with the KOI currency. They hope that users can enjoy entertainment and at the same time you have economic income, without needing to know about programming, or have information about the blockchain. In legendary culture, all elements will be limited, giving you a real collection and value for money. Each object obtained can be exchanged in a different market.

They want to connect their technology in the open currency market. From the system reload to the transaction of buying and selling our currencies, all in the simplest way in such a way that our community growth is allowed. Ease of use is a fundamental requirement in every development. Making simple guidelines so that people can exchange tokens, is their priority.

Transactions without coverage
In emergency situations, telecommunications generally fails, preventing quick and effective access to products and services. They have designed a credit system that will work for those of you who have tokens in your wallet, calculated in monthly averages and with interest rates lower than bank interest rates. This means that traders can continue with your commercial activities and for users of tools that help to solve possible problems.

They invite you to be part of the actual massification of the blockchain, while you get high profits from your investment. They have planned price strategies and bonuses to increase investor profits

Choose Your Plan

Here you are a resume of the activities we had done so far, and those we are going to execute in the future. If you want to keep update about ours projects please sign up in our newsletter and follow us in our social networks.

  • June 2017
    Birth of the idea
  • July 2017
    Core team selection
  • August 2017
    Pos marketing research
  • October 2017
    Started Pos development
  • April 2018
    Corporate identity creation
  • July 2018
    End Pos development
  • August 2018
    Beta test Pos
  • September 2018
    Cryptogame marketing research
  • November 2018
    Whitepaper and marketing plan creation
  • December 2018
    Web development
  • January 2019
    Started Cryptogame development
  • February 2019
    Koi token codification, website stars private sale
  • March 2019
    Private sale end, stars ICO
  • April 2019
    Pos Integration to the blockchain
  • May 2019
    End ICO, Stars token sale
  • June 2019
    sign up exchanges
  • July 2019
    Cryptogame ERC721 token launch
  • August 2019
    stars development sports community
  • October 2019
    Sport community marketing reseach
  • December 2019
    Anual report
  • Enero 2020
    Pos Project Audit and restructuring
  • February 2020
    Cryptogame launch

They Team
They have a team of motivated people who are always eager to dedicate their professionalism and talents when necessary.

  • Jesus Moran

    Creative entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in web programming and applications for Android system fulfilling functions as director in multiple IT projects with international impact. Within his career he ventured for several years in the communication area; Today he is the Founder of Koitech Studio and a faithful promoter of the use of the Blockchain. Professionally highlights its frequent contribution of innovation for the effective fulfillment of their responsibilities; is a motivator and promoter of peace, happiness and collective entrepreneurship; his personal goal is "to make history" and his greatest fortune is the Family.
  • J.M. Márquez
    Founder / CEO

    Founder of Koitech Studio and owner of several leading companies in the field of web programming, 3D design, Marketing and Audiovisual Production, responsible for numerous successful ventures throughout his 21-year career, of which automation projects and Confidential technological advance for different Governmental Organizations. Professional in the field of Computer Science and Visual Communication, characterized by the natural exercise of leadership is a person passionate about audiovisual productions, photography, martial arts and high performance sports, God fearing, respectful of life, nature and the individual ideals.
  • Jesús Monsalve
    Chief Communications Officer

    Professional Engineering with 15 years developing high impact ecological projects and 4 years as-a NLP Practitioner and Motivator in Personal Growth, forming individuals with a state of high and permanent motivation. His highest work quality is based on knowledge and compliance with regulations and procedures to achieve success in the objectives set. Pacifist and enterprising, thinks that life offers all the opportunities that we are willing to take advantage of from our heart.
  • Victor M. Márquez
    Chief Marketing Officer

    The inter-company relations during 8 years in his professional career, have consolidated his labor profile, erecting commercial treaties between the Asian, American and European markets; Effectively managing the strategic, tactical and operational levels of the activities involved in the Supply Network Administration (SCM). The search for effective solutions in situations under pressure is the characteristic that stands out in the workplace. Friend, collaborator and respectful of the individual opinion, are qualifiers that distinguish his character. Lover of altruism and group growth, he seeks to leave a legacy that serves as an example to future generations.
  • Pranav Arya
    Strategy Consultant

    Advisor to ICO projects with great potential, providing turnkey solutions, connecting them with all necessary support such as ICO consultants, marketing, Branding and community managers, crypto funds and investors, crypto exchanges, etc.
  • Mike van Rijsingen
    Strategy Consultant

    Mike van Rijsingen is a Business IT professional with a passion for cryptocurrencies. Active in the crypto community since 2013, he gained a lot of knowledge about Cryptocurrencies and their (business) use-cases.
    “I strongly believe that cryptocurrencies are here to stay, cryptocurrencies today are what Internet was in the late nineties. Cryptocurrencies are here to take over the current monetary system.

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