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GOeureka is a travel tech company utilising blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralise the hotel booking sector and deliver greater transparency by allowing hotels to directly connect with their customers. As a technology partner to hotels, GO aims to provide a dynamic digital experience to users and eradicate the high commission structures imposed by online travel agents.
The growth of online travel agencies is a perfect example of how new technology can disrupt an existing industry. These online agencies have a huge advantage over the normal hotels since they are able to offer consumers low prices and more options.
However, it is not all rosy for the online travel agency; the traditional hotel sector is slowly adopting the online technology. However, these hotels are still lagging behind. They need to work faster. Otherwise, intermediaries that get them in touch with customers could start making more than them. The GOeureka team thinks they may have found something that will give the hotel an edge over agencies. To do this, they have decided to augment the existing loyalty programs with blockchain technology.
The aim of the GO project is to utilize the blockchain to create a symbiotic relationship between hotels and customers. Hotels will maintain control of their brand while customers will get more value at the same price.


GO has a plan to create an online ecosystem where businesses thrive by offering the best services to travelers. As a technology partner for the hotel industry, GO will offer a simple and direct app and web experience to users without the high commissions on most sites. By freeing up resources for hotels, GO will make it possible for them to offer better customer value and service with their resources.


A key feature of the blockchain is accountability. Go will use the blockchain to make sure that accountability and transparency are maintained in the ecosystem. Go will replace the pay to play arrangement utilized by most travel agencies. The platform will be unbiased and no commission will be charged on users. On GO, hotels will no longer need to pay for visibility. All displays and search results will be determined by the performance of a hotel and the reviews it gets from its users.

GOeureka Hotel Booking Loyalty Programs With The Blockchain

If a hotel wishes to integrate, the GO ecosystem will offer an API where a hotel can link their inventory with the reservation system. There will be guides offered to the hotel’s IT department to make the integration seamless. Go will also integrate with the property management software of a hotel via strategic partnerships.

One issue that GO will solve is the disconnected loyalty programs. Today, every airline, car rental service, and the hotel will have its own loyalty program. This makes it hard for ordinary consumers to accumulate enough points to redeem for significant rewards.

An integrated loyalty program powered by the blockchain is the future. Go will create an interoperable program that is powered by this technology. Users will have the option to convert the loyalty program points of a hotel in GO credits. With this system, loyalty points earned from a car rental service can be converted into GO credits. This can then be used to pay for a hotel room.


The GO platform includes the following:

  • Website with booking and payment functionalities.
  • Mobile application for customers and hotels to communicate directly with each other.
  • A centralized database and server to store Personal Identity Information (PII), customer booking details, and data from hotels.
  • Utilize Ethereum blockchain and smart contract to generate decentralized GO Tokens and execute payout requests.

GO will store the PII, customer booking details, and hotel data off-chain to avoid pushing up network transaction fees and ensuring the immediate execution of user activity. GO will look to move its entire platform on-chain in the future, with the introduction of new blockchain technology (i.e., Raiden) that allows instant execution at minimal to no cost.


GOeureka GO Token ICO Details

A total of 1 billion GO Tokens will be issued where 1 GO token = US$0.10. There will be a diminishing bonus distribution of GO Tokens upon meeting the maximum cap or preset time, whichever comes first. While 30% will be kept in a reserve pool for operating initiatives, funding marketing strategies, and other activities relevant to the growth of the business. During the private pre-sale, contributions will be accepted in US Dollars (USD), Singapore Dollars (SGD) or Ether (ETH). All contributions will be converted to ETH, live, at the prevailing rate. The Token Sale will last approximately three weeks.

GO will host a first-round private presale one month prior to the Token Sale with accredited investors, with a minimum contribution of US$50,000 each. Interested parties are welcome to whitelist with GO to join this round of fundraising. Contributors of funds raised during this period are entitled to bonus distributions of 30%. The maximum cap during this round is 150,000,000 GO Tokens and will close two weeks before the Token Sale. If the maximum cap is not reached during the private pre-sale, it will be opened to the public, with a minimum contribution requirement of US$1000 (equivalent ETH value). There will be a 15% bonus distribution during this round. The pre-sale will be closed early if the maximum cap is reached or will end on the day before the Token Sale.


The Token Sale will end early once the total maximum cap is met or after Week 3 of the Token Sale. All unsold tokens will be burned.

GO founders and team tokens will be locked and can be withdrawn quarterly over a 24 month period, while advisors will receive their tokens after six months post ICO. Tokens from the Reserve Pool will be used to accelerate the adoption of GO’s platform. To efficiently market the platform at a much quicker rate, GO is aiming to raise US$60 million in funding, following the first round of successful seed funding.

GO has spent the past 12 months working on a beta version of its platform, consulting blockchain technology experts on the token model in preparation for its initial coin offering. To effectively match the existing OTAs, US$60 million is required to scale the platform and substantially grow our gross bookings over the next 3 years.

Figures from Expedia demonstrate the segment’s high potential for rapid revenue growth. For example, Expedia made gross bookings of more than US$70 billion in 2016 against its operational costs (i.e., marketing, salary) at close to US$7 billion.


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