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It is difficult to imagine what awaits us in the near future, if now the world has implemented a variety of extraordinary and unique projects, each of which was once something that cannot be understood and is not real. However, over time, they all found strength and became more than real than before.

Today we will discuss one very interesting topic as virtual reality and all its features. It turns out that recently, humanity can only dream of experiencing new and previously unknown emotions caused by the visual effects of virtual reality.

Now in the world there are a large number of technologies that contribute to high-quality signal transmission, as well as clear impressions of interactions with virtual reality.

However, not everything looks beautiful at first glance. Of course, despite all the potential for growth and development, the field of virtual reality experiences a large number of problems associated mainly with the lack of all the necessary technical components and products without which it cannot progress.

Simply put, in the world of virtual reality, there are still a large number of products ready to show various channels of educational and entertainment interactions.

And all because the market does not have a proposal to unify the various fields of virtual reality, where in one ecosystem will meet and developers, and consumers and those who will offer all these services.

But don't be in a hurry to get angry first, because the team of specialists from today's project have long been paying attention to this problem and trying to offer solutions to the market. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the Colletrix project

The main goal is to combine all the tools and functions of technology with help which eventually people will get access to authentic products from around the world.

The project itself has a very memorable name Colletrix. Because you already understand the technology on which this project is based, we all shape our favorite Blockchain technology.

With the help of the developer, it intends to create a revolution in the market for original products.

But to achieve this, the developers came to the conclusion that they could not do it only with their own internal tokens. Therefore, it was decided to make two separate tokens, when using one blockchain, but two protocols ERC-721 and ERC-20.

If we talk about the token ERC721 standard (NFT), then the main task is to combine products with IP uniquely.

This technique is designed to integrate old economic methods with new modern technologies, and create new and solid business models of original products.

Each IP will be supported by its own NFT token, which in turn will allow you to create a lifetime license for each individual product from one or another owner.

If we talk about the other side of the project, it is also rich in other compounds, because groups like collectors, traders, IP owners, crypto fans and many other network users can unite in one space.

For all of them, the Colletrix system has prepared a number of attractive functions and advantages, with which they can not only receive decent original items, but also other gifts for their positive actions.

As such, Colletrix will form a truly new, mutually beneficial business model that will expand the possibilities of traditional, outdated economic systems.


In addition, the Colletrix ecosystem will greatly expand the values and possible benefits for all IP owners, and provide them with additional features that allow them to keep license fees in their hands.

For merchandisers, chances are Colletrix will open access to all types of goods and other digital assets, so they will be able to fully let go of all their talents and skills in managing goods.

As for collectors, they will find truly unique tools where they can expand the range of their products for every taste and color.


Consider the second internal token of the CIPX system, which was developed based on the ERC-20 standard.
It is safe to say that his role is also very important, because he is the one who has the special honor of acting as a means of buying and selling all available domestic goods under Colletrix. And also to participate in transactions for NFT purchases, it is important to note that the number of CIPX tokens will be limited, a total of 10 billion coins will be issued.
Of these, only 700 million will be available for public sales. The initial cost of 1CIPX is $ 0.01 US.

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Of course, for the complete Colletrix picture, you won't be enough to just review me. But I strongly recommend that you not go through this project, but pay close attention. Because Colletrix's concept is truly unique, he has every opportunity to enter the world of our traditional trade relations and, finally, to build a substantial order there. What, in principle, the developer wants to do himself. In addition, the project itself is full of complex functions and services needed, thanks to everyone being able to find out for themselves what he has long been looking for. You can study this project through the technical documentation proposed in the resources listed below. The link that I prepared specifically for you.


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