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Still unclear? Let's look at my explanation below.

About the project:

The project called my review today - Bitenny. The main objective of this project is to give the world around us the perfect tool for conducting fast, high-quality and safe digital transactions to pay for goods and services using cryptocurrency available in the world.

To achieve its goals Bitenny, intends to use symbiosis of various effective technologies and tools that will eliminate the problems and obstacles that exist in our daily lives. In addition, Bitenny's mission also includes popularizing cryptocurrency funds everywhere, at the expense of high-quality platforms.

Project Features

In order to ensure the necessary level of security and optimality of all possible payments, the Bitenny developers made an unconditional decision to use artificial intelligence in the development of their platform. AI analytical features will be used for in-depth and high-speed analysis of all computational processes occurring both in the cryptocurrency market and in a particular store, comparing all possible options for exchanging some assets for others, choosing the best exchange option.

To make it a little clearer, I propose to make out a small example. Suppose you came to the accessories store and decided to buy some watches there. Within the store, the price for a particular model expressed in fiat currency is indicated. But in order to make a purchase in digital assets, you need to go to your internal Bitenny wallet and view the best, proposed option from the AI ​​of the cryptocurrency asset system that can be exchanged for the current Fiat in real time. At first glance it may seem that everything is very complicated and confusing, but believe me, these operations take only a fraction of a second. Thus, you will not only save a lot of money, but also purchase the desired product at the best price.


I also want to draw your attention to the fact that Bitenny will be an ideal solution not only for private use, but also for other large corporate clients, as well as various crypto exchanges and banks. To this end, Bitenny has all the necessary modular structures that allow you to complement all possible services, as well as communicate with any type of client, ensuring maximum security and transparency of all processes. Another striking advantage of the Bitenny platform is its computational core, which contributes to the maximum level of security and affordable scalability of the entire system. Moreover, all metabolic processes directly interact with the algorithms of artificial intelligence, allowing you to receive any type of data in real time quickly and safely. Thus, within the framework of Bitenny, you can easily check not only the balance of your wallet, but also carry out any type of trading both outside the system and within it. All this and much more is waiting for everyone who wants to join the Bitenny system.


To complement the whole range of its services, the development team intends to use its internal token - BTNY, with which you will receive a unique opportunity to acquire absolutely any kind of goods and services. The token itself will be a utility marker of the ERC20 standard, with a total of 1 billion lexemes. The initial price of 1 BTNY will be $ 0.07 USD. Total for the further development of Bitenny developers intend to collect in the course of public sales of 25 million US dollars.


  • Token name: BTNY
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC-20
  • Price in ICO 1 BTNY = 0.07 USD
  • Hardcap: 25,000,000 USD
  • Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 BTNY


Given the original purpose of cryptocurrencies-safe, fast and transparent payments, we can safely say that Bitenny is committed to achieve their global application. Offering us and the world a working model that is able to organize a seamless infrastructure for all users of digital assets, while opening up amazing opportunities to a huge number of people and corporate organizations. However, to understand all the working processes, I recommend you to carefully read the technical documentation of the Bitenny project. Where black and white describes all its characteristics and features. All the necessary sources of information, as always, are waiting for you at the end of my article. Thank you for your attention and good luck!


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