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It seems to me that today cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have a huge potential, but many people are still afraid of them and do not want to contact them, it comes from misunderstanding. To conquer the mass market, it's necessary to increase the consumer experience. Today, there is no convenient cryptocurrency or DLT-application for daily use. Of course, there are a lot of good applications, but for a beginner they are difficult to use, that's why we need a decentralized currency with distributed utilization that would be an analog of the usual money.

The main obstacles to attracting consumers

  1. Cryptocurrency is difficult for an ordinary person to understand, therefore they are used mainly by investors and traders.
  2. The lack of goods and services market. There are many projects that offer to pay for services by their token, but there is no market! Many such projects are doomed.
  3. So far, the blockchain system has a significantly lower transaction speed compared to traditional payment networks.

How to make cryptocurrency publicly available? (Alfa-Enzo vision)

  1. Each user should be able to sell, buy, store funds, quietly use decentralized applications, but there is no platform that would implement it. (Creating revolutionary platform)
  2. Fast and secure data transfer. Data processing speed. Any user wants to have quick access to the content.
  3. Dissemination of information about cryptocurrencies should acquire a viral character. With the help of social networks and other information mechanisms, people need to be explained that we have entered a new digital age and the blockchain system is an integral part of it.

EON ecosystem

To attract a global audience we need to develop utility that will bring interaction between partners to a new level.

EON(ENZO OPEN NETWORK) is an innovative ecosystem that allows people and data to function as a single market in time, while data can be managed by private blockchain. EON should provide transparent and fast data transfer system, as well as reduce the network-wide load. To achieve this goal it need the following:

  1. Ecosystem participants completely control their data, because each user receives a private blockchain tied by a master chain.
  2. EON combines proof of work and share to create an activity cost function that gives each member of the network chance to get Enzos tokens.
  3. EON miners earn Enzos by helping CAPTCHA, which enables the processor to conduct transactions and add them to a public order.
  4. To guarantee lightning-fast transactions between two members of the network, EON uses offline channels associated with the smart-contract.
  5. For transaction verification, you can call the Samaritans. Samaritans are equivalents of knots. The Samaritan Protocol requires adoption of a node and is organized by a smart-contract.
  6. This protocol is called "handshake" and serves to exchange real goods, as well as to ensure security when meeting face to face.


About Tokens

Token: NZO
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Be accepted:
ETH tokens: 21,000,000,000

EON offers its own Enzo (NZO) token with a saved internal value. This token will be provided by time, so its value can not be inflated or depreciated. Developers want to correctly assess, measure and reward users for their human time resource. The value of token is related to network ecosystem effect. NZO token is equivalent to 365 days with daily units in Zs. Distribution of tokens depends on participation. As more and faster network grows, as more expensive token becomes. If a participant joins and helps the network grow, then he will also prosper.

About ICO

Token sale period: 4.07.2018 - 4.07.2019.

Pre-sale will start at 0.04 USD per token and will change throughout the year.



  • Q3-Q4 2016 Concept Build Complete, Private Release
  • Q3-Q4-2017 MVP Complete, Private Release on Testnet, Patents Filed
  • Q1-Q2 2018 Whitepaper Complete, ICO Scheduled, Tokenomics Trialed
  • Q3-Q4 2018 Launch Primary Product, Begin Monetization Structures
  • 2019 Launch Mainnet, Swap Tokens, Launch New Marketplaces Monetize Marketplaces, Expand Into Large Cities Develop Phase II: EON dOS
  • 2020+ Rapid Expansion Into Underserved Geographic Areas

Partners & Integrations


The conclusion

Unlike using machines in running, the function validity is used to refer to the value in a bargaining transaction that is provided to publishers and advertisers within the scope of the exhibition. Alfa-Enzo targets Cryptocurrency currency recognition in the shortest possible time.

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