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This is a review of the Crypto Credit Card project.

In this article we will analyze what the C3 platform is and look at the main advantages of this project, analyze the reasons for the growth of the token and answer the questions: why is it worth investing in this project and how to participate in the ICO.

Introduction to the Crypto Credit Card

C3 project is an innovative multi-functional platform that will allow each participant to store money in a multi-currency online wallet, use both phiatic and crypto-currency funds. In fact, this platform will be a kind of knot between these two competing parties, that is, between crypto-currencies and fiat funds.

In order to understand the idea and the task of this project in more detail, it is worth paying attention to which branches of finance the Crypto Credit Card will operate.

Firstly, it is the storage of money in a multi-currency online wallet, which will be directly available from this project.

Secondly, it is trade in traditional assets and crypto currency, which is undoubtedly different from the traditional crypto-currency and traditional exchanges.

We will be able to invest and borrow money, and we can take money in both crypto-currencies and in fiat funds. At the moment, there are certain banks in the market, that is, various types of credit institutions that give borrowed funds at a percentage, but all this happens through fiat money, and not through crypto-currencies. A separate feature of the project is crypto-crediting, that is, the ability to issue loans in crypto-currencies. This can be called an innovative solution in the crypto world, because at the moment, crypto-crediting has not been implemented by anyone.

The first advantage of the Crypto Credit Card project is the lack of competition in this area. The niche of crypto-crediting is currently unoccupied, which means that the project, in fact, can not have any competitors in this area, since in most organizations involved in lending, they provide their services in traditional-fiat funds.

Another characteristic feature is the fact that the platform selects the most favorable credit conditions around the world with the most favorable rate.

The possibilities of the C3 platform

  • You will be able to transfer money to other users absolutely without commission.
  • Receive cashback from various purchases in online stores.
  • You will be able to convert currency.
  • To withdraw cash in special ATMs.
  • Pay for any purchases in different countries.
  • Choose the best loan offers from banks.

Crypto Credit Card — is an ideal way of cashing out funds for traders of crypto currency, miners, Internet marketers, webmasters and freelancers. It can be used easily and quickly, regardless of geographic and banking boundaries.

Crypto Credit Card Ecosystem

Let’s take a closer look at what the entire C3 ecosystem consists of.

Crypto Credit Card provides electronic cards. They differ in their convenience and affordability for the cost of service. In electronic cards there will be a conversion of crypto currency to fiat funds and vice versa.

Another important feature is a mobile wallet for storing and transferring assets with a minimum commission.

The loans aggregator will allow you to choose the most favorable loan offers from international partner banks.

In C3, a system of PAMM accounts will be introduced, namely trust management of brokers by your assets.

Wallet add-ons will allow you to successfully perform various operations, thanks to additions from the C3 service catalog.

Token CCCR

Let’s now pay attention to the Crypto Credit Card tokens.

The CCCR token is a key component of the system, through which it will be possible to trade, credit and invest.

The ICO of this project began on December 4, 2017 and ends on May 31, 2018.
The final value of this token at the end of the sale period will be $2.
It is with this value that the token will be released to the stock exchange.
At the moment, the project has collected 100% of the planned Soft Cap, which is 3.000.000 tokens CCCR.
Hard Cap of this project is 200,000,000 CCCR tokens.

Among the total issue of tokens, 55% will be allocated to token, 25% to various companies, 10% to the team and 10% to the PR-company, namely advertising services and Bounty campaign.

Road Map

Let’s pay attention to the Road Map or the “Road Map” of the Crypto Credit Card project.

This project originates from 2016, when the creators explored the crypto-currency market. Next followed the preset token and the launch of the ICO. At the moment the project is at the stage of open beta testing. In general, the “Roadmap” of C3 is designed until the end of 2018, when the project will receive a Swiss banking license and will begin to function fully.

The reasons for the growth of the CCCR token

Let’s figure out why investing in the Crypto Credit Card project is profitable.

Within 3 months after the completion of the ICO, the CCCR token is added to all the most known exchanges.According to the analysis of the Crypto-currency market, financial analysts came to the conclusion that by the end of the fourth quarter of 2018, one can expect a multiple increase in the rate of the CCCR token.

  1. This is due to the expansion of the user base. All C3 users will only pay commission fees to CCCR tokens, which will lead to a significant increase in demand. The increase in the number of participants in the C3 platform will lead to an increase in the number of transactions and, accordingly, the total amount of commissions on them.
  2. The franchise program will generate demand for tokens. The affiliate program “Business” costs 300 CCCR tokens. All franchise commissions will be paid in tokens of the company, which will ensure their turnover.
  3. The price of the card is $ 20, but for token holders only 1 CCCR token. Crypto Credit Card will issue plastic cards C3 worth $ 20 each, which will speculatively increase the growth rate of the token. Any client will be able to open several accounts tied to different currencies and choose an “active account” through which he can make purchases.
  4. 50% of the company’s profit from cashbacks will be used to buy tokens on the stock exchange. This will serve as a potential generator of demand for CCCR tokens on the exchange, which will inevitably lead to an increase in their rate.
  5. All unsold tokens during the ICO will be destroyed, and team tokens will be frozen for 6 months. This will allow the price of the token to be settled on the exchange and create artificial demand on them.

ICO Crypto Credit Card

How to participate in ICO Crypto Credit Card?To participate in the C3 token C3, you must register an account with the website. Further, in your account you must replenish your C3 wallet with the help of the currency Ethereum. Finally, exchange Ethereum for CCCR tokens. Also, when buying tokens, you can get bonuses. More information about bonuses, you can read on their website.

Social networks C3

The C3 project has groups in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Telegram. There you can find out all the news on ICO, promotion of the token, etc. Also you can find additional information about this project on the forums Reddit, BitcoinTalk and Medium. There are collected articles about Crypto Credit Card from official representatives and ordinary users.

Official accounts:

Bounty Campaign Crypto Credit Card

I would like to say a few words about the Bounty-campaign C3. At the moment, it is held at the site Each user will be able to participate in Bounty. There are campaigns on social networks, graphic content, as well as on forums Reddit and BitcoinTalk. The website contains detailed information about the terms and conditions of participation in this campaign.

Link to the site:


If you summarize the Crypto Credit Card project, I would like to draw attention to several aspects.The first aspect is that developers want to drastically revise the approach to crypto-exchange exchanges and, in general, to handle crypto-currencies, because at the moment there are very few really good products that can somehow draw attention to themselves from investors and be -The present is convenient.The second, equally significant aspect is that developers introduce an innovative function of crypto-crediting.The project has a good opportunity to become one of the first in this field.

Thank you for attention!

To learn more about this project, and also to buy tokens you can follow the link: 

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