Things that Mycro Jobs Can Do for the Users

MYCRO JOBS is a platform which trying to accommodate people who need money right away and those who needs help to finish their simple jobs. There are several things which make this platform worth it to use.

A Large Community

Whether the job seekers or the one who needs their services can find each other fast. This is because MYCRO JOBS has a large community. The community is the place for anybody who needs jobs and needs to finish their job with the help of others. The users just need to use an application to find a suitable thing they need. The platform is using a peer-to-peer system so both of them will be directly connected to each other to get what they want.

A Real-Time Platform

MYCRO JOBS is a platform for real-time job matching. In this case, the job seekers are able to find a suitable job based on their skill and they are ready to use the skill right away. At the same time, the employee seekers are able to find a skillful person to finish their job right away. Then, the employee seekers can pay job seekers in real time by the time they finish the job.

The Use of Cryptocurrency

This is a significant difference between MYCRO JOBS and any other job matching platform. This platform is using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. By using this technology, the trading can be done right away by the time the job is done. It is also safe because the cryptocurrency is transferred through an e-wallet. In specific, the users of the platform is supported by Mycro tokens or MYO tokens. The tokens are used for any kind of activities done while using the platform. As a result, everything will be easy and all the users get what they want.

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