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Frank Lampard, a captain leader legend now Chelsea Manager, during his first first conference discuss in details how his Chelsea team will play this season.

Speaking to the reporters, Frank Lampard discusses his footballing ideals and the two very different aspects of the game his Chelsea team must display…

Lampard's playing days was full of strength and excitement, going forward was one of the beautiful things and moments he enjoys and score a lot of goals. But in the late days of his career, he played more deeper because he realized that as long as the team needs goal, the team also need to protect themselves from the opponent's threat while creating opportunities. This added more value and contributed to how he lined up his team during his time at Derby.

In Chelsea, he want his players to be able to defend, attack and move the ball around quickly to create chances. He want his players not to gift the ball, rather get it back very quickly when they did loose the ball.

‘I want energy in my team. I want us to have possession of the ball. We have players who have the quality to handle the ball, but I don’t want it for possession’s sake. I want us to be an exciting team to watch so we can move the ball through the pitch quickly, and create chances.

If he want his players to do this, he must be prepared to train in a certain way which he confirmed to Chelsea TV, that they have been training the same way they want to play. I believe in Frank Lampard but he actually need time also, he is not a magician and am sure he cannot perform magic.

If you look at the team and the most notable player that was sold, David Luiz. You will discover Frank want some discipline and respect in the team and sending a message to the team that he is the authority here. My opinion though. Leave a comment if you think otherwise.

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