As a Christian constant fellowship with one another in Jesus name is something we should all crave for which why this curation show was born to come together to share our post, learning from each other in the process and earning at the same time.

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Don't miss the opportunity to fellowship together today 8pm GMT +1. You are part of a big family of God and He want to met with you tonight at the show. Come with the heart to receive and your life will never remain the same. By clicking the image link above you will you will be taken to the Discord Server straight. Hope to see you all tonight.

About Flaminghelpers

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Flaming Helpers is a Christian Community that is set out to encourage constantly neglected Christians articles on whaleshares,steemit, etc. Visit @flaminghelpers and @flamingbot to read more.

Flaming Helpers is a community funded by #bhive and #dbread on whaleshares platform and it is our best time to worship God in His word.

Worshiping God can be by just sharing the word of God together in one place. So now is the time to worship God. In this present generation. Come and worship God in the word of God tonight.

There is going to be a lot of goodies for the show. Join us to worship while getting rewarded. God bless you abundantly more than you can ever think off.

Vote for our selfless witness with passion in humanity generally.

@bushkill-witness and @dbread-witness

Please click on over to the link https://whaleshares.io/~witnesses and turn it Blue! Lobatan!

As community we have been very privileged to have people like #bhive team token and #dbread token team. More blessings in Jesus name. Amen.

See you on the show.

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I remain Steven Moses.

See you next time. Remained blessed of God.

Image created by me and Bible Copyright Reference: New King James Version, My Holy Bible.

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