Cry out to God

Prayer is not a one way communication but a two way communication, you have prayed so much that you think you have pray it all but you haven't received answer to you prayers. You might just need to check your lifestyle or the way you are crying out to God.


Most time God might just be waiting for you to say the right words in prayer before He releases what you need to you. "What you need" not what you want! God gives you what is best for you at every point in time, He won't gives you what He knows will destroy you.

Another beautiful way to cry to God is to use your lifestyle, your sacrifice, your service in the His sanctuary, outside His sanctuary, as pastor who is diligence and holy, even as member whose Holiness is out of question but constantly a giver and a helper of the work. Holding God on your lifestyle might fast tract your answers and get you exactly what you need right on time.

God is light and hate darkness, this was the sole reason He sent His son to died for us redeeming us from darkness into His marvelous light. God is from the acronyms Go which means move forward while Satan is from the acronyms Sat which means Stagnant. "Am not talking about money here or material things but spiritual. It is important to understand that the spiritual controls physical and all of us have a role in this world. Even devil has his own role to play in this world.

Cry out today with evidence.


So in other to receive from God, you might just sometimes hold Him on your lifestyles and your lifestyle must be holy because God is holy and 100% spiritual.

Cheers and thank you for reading.

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