Bonding Through Family Traditions.

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Going beyond the husband and wife duties, let's checkout some great nuggets that help to create, strengthen and sustain rich family times. Family counsellors highlighted some of these important nuggets which include good communication, mutual respect, care and support for each other, etc. But yo be candid and precise, nothing enhances stability and establishes deep roots in family as much as family traditions. Family traditions are so powerful in binding together the hearts of family members forever and establishing a sense of belonging for everyone.

Fortunately, family traditions are not extraordinary undertakings that require rigorous commitments; they are actually just ordinary commonplace activities that anyone can easily engage in. Twenty-five of these has been compiled here.

  1. Ask your children and spouse what makes the happy and have a discussion on this.
  2. Eat together as much as possible.
  3. Give your spouse a hug each morning.
  4. Go with your spouse on a chatting date.
  5. Read your children classic books.
  6. Memorise and recite scriptural passages together as a family.
  7. Watch movies together.
  8. Go to nice eatery together on special occasions.
  9. Pray for and with your family daily.
  10. Go for a vacation with your family- do the planning together, it's part of the fun.
  11. Take a walk together.
  12. Write special letter of appreciation to each member of your family outlining why you value and appreciate them.
  13. Attend church service together.
  14. Go camping as s family.
  15. Attend P.T.A meetings as a couple for each of your children.
  16. Help your children with their homework.
  17. Play games together especially puzzle and board games.
  18. Encourage your children to write out their most perplexing question concerning the family, church and life in general.
  19. Go on picnics together.
  20. Share stories of how you and your spouse met with your children.
    Observe nature togetherness.
  21. Ask your children to write out each day what they did at school.
  22. Go shopping together.
  23. Call your spouse from work just to know how he/she is doing.
    Draw your family tree and let your children know your family line.
  24. Send your spouse romantic messages/ gifts.
  25. Organize family projects that serves or benefit less fortunate around you.

Understandably, it may not be possible for you to do all these. Know that the outlined tips are not regulations but merely guidelines for you to establish traditions that are most suitable and unique for your family. Where necessary you also you could make adjustments and compromises as traditions are established to be enjoyed not to become rigid laws that must be followed whether practicable or not. The bottom Lind is just to learn to have FUN and bond together as a family. Don't get too uptight or too serious with life that you become a terror to your spouse and children. Loosen up a bit. It is not a sin to unwind once in a while, moderation is what matters. Just be sure that whatever method you adopt to have great family times is one that will refresh your spirits bodies and minds without endangering your souls.

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