In modern times, it is practically impossible to find the area where the crypto currency would not reach. The popularity of cryptocurrency makes us think about ways and technologies that will ensure their accessibility for ordinary people. Crypto-revolution, which is rapidly burst into our lives, facilitates and simplifies the processes in the field of retail trade, namely the interaction between retail stores and customers.
Sessia is a new way of interacting between blockchain technology and companies. On this platform, all kinds of brands and companies can attract and advertise themselves by rewarding customers not only for buying goods and services, but also for recommending them to their friends.In this case, there is no need for intermediaries between companies and customers such as social networks and marketing agencies.
In Sessia, brands can interact directly with customers and reward them with cashback in the form of cryptocurrency anywhere in the world, both for purchases and for advertising goods.
In order to ensure the universality and accessibility of services around the world, the team’s efforts on the platform released their own token called KICKS . KICKS , in fact, is the fastest and cheapest way to provide cashbacks around the world, since KICKS is a real tool for interaction between all participants in this social market.Company Sessia offers all participants and users of its platform a number of innovative and effective features:

Sellers and brands get a convenient mobile solution for creating an online store in which a cryptocurrency cashback system is embedded. And those stores that are not engaged in trading via the Internet will also be able to use cashback to increase their customer base. In addition, they save on advertising and marketing services.
Buyers get a profitable platform where they can make purchases of products and goods and receive a profitable cashback. In addition, they can read their friends' truthful comments about products.
There is still one new category of users of the platform. She was given a peculiar name kickers. Kickers are people who are interested in spreading the Sessia platform throughout the world. They receive additional awards in the form of KICKS cryptocurrency for attracting new brands and companies and new customers to work with Sessia .

By the end of the first quarter of 2019, the team plans to bring the Sessiaplatform to full-featured operation. There are ongoing negotiations with Sessia brands in Hong Kong, New York, Moscow and Dubai.
KICKS , as you already understood, will be the main currency on the platform. The demand and liquidity for it will fundamentally depend on the number of brands, services and customers that will use this cryptocurrency.
In this regard, the company naturally needs a good budget for advertising and promotion to promote itself around the world. At the heart of Sessia is already a ready-made solution, that is, do not reinvent the wheel. This solution is a CRM platform.developed for large Asian retailers. The founders of this business have already invested $ 5 million in it.

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