Product Protocol is an open source protocol for crowdfunding / crowlending campaigns based on digital asset publishing, integration with all business processes, fund management, and financial operations.

A project is an ecosystem based on manufacturing and structured based on ideology that allows users to get more income opportunities than integrated systems based on the blockchain method that is structured and interconnected between users and owners of business entities in this case ecosystem projects have attractive and trusted utility tokens invest as a well-integrated system on the smart ethereum contract server.
Blockchain is a system that does not use third parties supported by a peer-to-peer system that allows both parties to transact anonymously. In essence, records of transactions that have occurred, stored by many computers that are spread on the network itself. So it will be more difficult to hack a system consisting of hundreds or thousands of computers, and it is less likely for all computers to experience interference at the same time.

Product Protocol is an open source protocol for crowdfunding / crowlending campaigns based on digital asset publishing, integration with all business processes, fund management, and financial operations. The Product Protocol is focused on creating a platform that allows entrepreneurs to give their asset tokens and raise funds for scaling.

The Blockchain system does not use third parties as a center, but uses many parties or computers that are spread on the network itself. This will make irresponsible people have difficulty in breaking into the system and having a disorder that is not possible. if you buy something at the store by paying using a debit card, the store will believe that the balance you entered has entered their account. Well, the third party referred to here is a bank company that is a liaison between buyers and sellers in making transactions using a debit card.

The bank records all financial transactions that they do in the ledger. Well, the difference is that Blockchain technology is not managed by only one organization, but by many distributed publicly. So this is the main strength of the Blockchain. Blockchain technology also provides solutions to reduce corruption. This is because transaction data will be found soon because the public can view transaction history in real time.

Like the bank cash book that records all customer transactions, Blockchain also records all transactions carried out by its users. However, if the main cash book can only be seen and checked by the authority at the bank, then all transactions through the Blockchain can be seen by all users. Because the Blockchain information storehouse is permanently stored throughout the network of users, because the information collected is also distributed to everyone.

Along with the development of the digital universe, cryptocurring in the future has become an increasingly attractive proposition on the market and may not have traditional banking infrastructure. Some developing countries in the world have even implemented Blockchain-based national currencies, such as Bitcoin, and this technology is also used by several large charity projects to help those who do not have bank accounts.

PRODUCT PROTOCOL is a project that allows users to contribute to ecosystems based on a peer-to-peer system in the ethereum smart contract system that provides benefits in terms of mass detention of tokens based on economic value and growth in the commercial value of tokens. PRODUCT PROTOCOL, the growth of this project is one of the means of manufacturing ecosystems that are intentionally created to provide opportunities for those interested in investing in new tokens that have commercial value and fluctuations in the value of the tokens themselves.

PRODUCT PROTOCOL This project gives users potential opportunities in a clearer and more transparent ecosystem without being hidden. To provide a clearer picture of the value of tokens and this project, you can make a small review in their whitepaper. PRODUCT PROTOCOL. Even further. A physical digital warehouse is safe in the palm of your hand for Crypto Payments, Secure Messages, password management, file encryption, and more. specifically designed to work and interact with the Securypto blockchain to maximize your security & privacy.

The Blockchain, initially a blockchain, or a growing list of records, called blocks, is linked and secured using cryptography. Each block usually contains a hash pointer as a link to the previous block, time stamp and transaction data. With design, blockchains are inherently resistant to data modification. The Harvard Business Review defines it as a distributed and open ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. To be used as a distributed ledger, blockchain usually managed by peer-to-peer networks collectively follows a protocol to validate new blocks. After recording, data in certain blocks cannot be changed retroactively without changes to all subsequent blocks, which require collusion of the majority of the network.

The Blockchain is safe with design and is an example of a distributed computing system with high tolerance for Byzantine errors. Therefore a decentralized consensus was achieved by the blockchain. This makes blockball potentially suitable for recording events, medical records, and other record management activities, such as identity management, transaction processing, documenting sources, or tracking food.

PPO Utility Token

If you are interested in blockchain technology and want to invest in projects that use blockchain technology, you should read my article when I introduce a blockchain project called PRODOT PROTOCOL and learn more about the benefits and benefits of Bitcoin that you want to experience in the project ecosystem, along with an explanation.

The PRODUCT PROTOCOL project has a future platform and digital currency bank that combines the advantages or benefits of classic banks with the help of traders, crypto currency market players and a great way to invest in the digital currency market as PPO tokens that will provide users with benefits in the project ecosystem

The company on Product Protocols can scale up even further than before. The universal token for any asset allows you to create digital assets instantly and a decentralized market will allow people from all over the world to buy it. PROTOKOLPRODUK is a Blockchain project. The discovery of the blockchain for bitcoin makes it the first digital currency to solve multiple spending problems without the need for trusted authorities or central servers. Bitcoin design has become an inspiration for other applications.

Blockchain facilitates secure online transactions. The Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions on many computers so that records cannot be changed retroactively without changes to all subsequent blocks and network collusion. This allows participants to verify and conduct audit transactions at low prices. They are supported by mass collaboration supported by collective personal interests. The result is a strong workflow where participant uncertainty regarding data security is marginal. The use of the blockchain eliminates the reproductive characteristics of unlimited digital assets. This confirms that each unit of value is transferred only once, resolving the old issue of double spending. Blockchains has been described as a value exchange protocol. This exchange of blockchain exchange rates can be completed faster, safer and cheaper than traditional systems. The Blockchain can assign title rights because it provides records that force bidding and acceptance.

On the Blockchain and Ethereum each block is related to another Block. There is a parent-child relationship between two blocks. There is only one child for parents and a child can have a single parent. This helps in forming a chain on the Blockchain. Blocks are explained in the next section in this chapter. In the next picture, three blocks are shown in Block 51, Block 52 and Block53. Block 51 is the parent of Block 52 and Block 52 is the parent of Block 53. The relationship is created by storing the hash of the parent block in the child block header. Block 52 keeps a hash from Block 51 in its header and Block 53 saves the hash from Block 52 in its header. So, the question arises who is the parent of the first block. Ethereum has the concept of Genesis Block, also known as the first block. This block is created automatically when the chain first starts. You can say that the chain starts with the first block known as the Genesis block and this block formation is pushed through the Genesis.json file. The next chapter will show how to use the Genesis.json file to create the first block when initializing the Blockchain.



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