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Migration starts from one country to the next to find an increasingly higher life for yourself, or one's family is one of the most popular tasks of man in our time The world is experiencing a dramatic increase in the legal movement abroad to work or move as displaced people, and there are about 250 million or more migrants originating from developing countries to work in developed countries. Recent data show that annual cross-over transfers amount to more than $ 600 billion.

National migration and tourism strategies between and within different countries are handled manually by human labor or third party agents to handle moving documents as a framework Exploitation and exploitation activities have invaded. This framework has failed to push up the staggering costs, extend the time of holding and extorting migrants so that their moving documents are easily processed.

Block chain innovation is the correct infrastructure to spread faith and we should use it to have a lasting impact on the lives of a large number of migrant individuals seeking green pastures from one country to another. other country.

Since the MIGRANET platform has observed that the entire migration process is broken and it really needs to be fixed, that's true and I believe that if all the issues listed above will be resolved and avoid, tourists and migrants need to start considering the MIGRANET platform. a platform based on blockchain. A good thing about the platform is based on the blockchain that users and members always have freedom, access and control are completely unlike their partners who are not based on the blockchain network.

The MIGRANET platform has introduced various features and services that are provided to its users and customers to help move easily for all and errands. Part of the new features is the introduction of free expert reviews in the platform to consider the various options available to migrants.

Migration documents and personal details are highly secure on blockchain networks compared to what we experience on other platforms out there. Securing migration documents and personal information is one of the priorities of the MIGRANET platform, in which I believe that all migrants will be happy to know about the safety of their documents.

The MIGRANET platform charges little or no charge for the entire migration process and the document is not the same as what was experienced in other moving platforms. MIGRANET decided to cut the total 90% of travel costs by other fees that I believe migrants will also be satisfied with the reduction.

The Migranet platform performs all migration related procedures using:

Innovating advanced blockchain

Proof of biometric discrimination

Artificial knowledge

Coordinate speed, accuracy, responsibility and assertiveness within the worldwide migration framework

Migranet is the solution to problems related to:

National and worldwide migration framework


The debate movement

Processing time is widely moved

Illegal movement

Dangerous for national security because there is no safety screening


Migranet performs free appraisals, giving an expert assumption from their group of secured legal experts.

There is high security in the Migranet platform when all motion operators, biometric reports and identifiers are validated and verified on the blockchain.

Migranet costs less than 90% when compared to the previous system

Stage 1: Enroll

At the basic stage, candidates enter their data including proficiency history, country of birth, expression dialects, instructions and others.

Stage 2: Select

In this phase, Artificial Intelligence calculations provide the most feasible conclusion accessible for potential migration depending on the transient First goal, which may be a guide, work, travel or permanent residence. Customers can choose their target country in the same way if they qualify.

Stage 3: Apply

When migrants have chosen a specific country, that person is prepared to apply to the ideal state. Fees are exchanged from MIG wallet. Migranet at the last long process of application and working with appropriate gatherings in the target country to complete the registration process.

Token icon: MIG
Network Blockchain: ERC20
Provide token: 850,000,000 MIG
Supply of circulation: 510,000,000 MIG
Soft hat: $ 20,000,000
Hard hat: 75 million dollars


The Migranet is creating opportunities for migrants to ensure their country wishes without being prevented by government policies. Migranet will make the migration process easier, faster and secured with artificial blockchain intelligence and smart contacts. You can also use the MIG token for execution and handling fees.

Website: https://migranet.io/
Whitepaper: https://migranet.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Migranet-Whitepaper-v.1.1.10.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/migranet888/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/migranet1
Telegram: https://t.me//migranet
Medium: https://medium.com/migranet
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/migranet/
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