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The technology of blockade opens up new opportunities for the community. VIRUS is a platform for business assets. Businessmen from every corner of the world see in the crypto currency as an instrument for active investment. After all, due to the sharp jumps in the rates, you can quickly earn by getting a good passive profit. But not only in one earnings matter. The use of data encryption technology makes it possible to make safe transactions. In the business area, where it is important to constantly be confident in the authenticity of documents, the blockage can be an excellent way to conduct transparent activities. Trust in business is an element that is always absent. However, the blockage seems to have found a remedy. VIRUS is a focused company that plans to facilitate the financing of business assets and ICO through decentralized trust between the parties. Apparently, the platform will become an ecosystem that offers people a safe channel for financing ICO without fear of losing money.

Ecosystem VIRUS

VIRUS is an independent commercial investment platform for the creation and promotion of ICO projects.
Ecosystem VIRUS will have three operating platforms to facilitate their plans.

It is a platform for creating and promoting ICO projects with the help of which risks for investors are minimized. The platform also includes legal instruments.
The goal of the V-center product is to provide investors with guarantees for the collection of their investments, as well as the seriousness of the creators of the ICO projects

This is a club, membership in which involves getting tokens with ICO, which are produced on the platform.

This product analyzes from all sources of information for effective planning and improvement of marketing companies. This analysis is not done by a computer, but by people.

The product represents a small program with the following functions:

periodic news updates from the cryptomir.

you get access to the research already conducted on the Internet;

The application can be used as a purse for storing / transferring internal project coins;

the program ensures the creation of the participant's own requests to the project network, for further processing by all participants;

the program can be used as a node of the internal project network to check, analyze and process information from other people.

The number of tokens produced and its distribution

To attract the necessary financing, 100,000,000 VIS tokens (Virtual Investment Solution) will be issued, which will be distributed as follows:

80% - realized in the ATS process and distributed among its participants;
13% - are allocated to the remuneration of the team, the involvement of advisors and experts;
7% - are spent on the marketing programs of the project.


Ecosystem VIRUS looks like a viable project for connecting our business assets to the blockhouse. In addition, the team is also determined to make the idea work. Their motivation is due to the fact that it is a pioneer in a relatively new technology. Nevertheless, the platform can do a lot, and a great effort of the development team is essential for the success of the program.

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