In recent years, the number of devices connected to the Internet has become more of the population of our planet. Therefore, there was such a new concept as the Internet of things IoT (Internet of Things), this is when devices connected through the Internet, work without human intervention. For example, the Yandex plug program receives information about traffic jams through our smartphones and analyzes the information received offline.
This is not the only example of the Internet of things, because billions of dollars are spent every year to purchase and service this sphere. And investments come from a wide range of sectors: from small business to the state level.
The problem is that the data received on the Internet of things can only belong to those who, first, can store and process huge arrays of information, and secondly, who has access to the sensors of the Internet of things.


DataBroker DAO is the first market for the sale and purchase of sensor data. As a localized information market for evaluating the Blockchain IoT sensor, Databroker DAO allows device owners to process the generated information into revenue streams. This opens up many opportunities for many industries. The information unit of activity in the vicinity can be used and will become easier. In a sense, the DAO DataBroker indicator, which is usually compared to the "secondary market" for knowledge of the IoT device, is referred to as an associated degree of "eBay" or "Amazon" for knowledge of the IoT device.
This platform unit is intriguing for homeowners, network operators, equipment manufacturers, sensible city initiatives, agriculture, training. At the moment, many companies use sensor data to optimize and monitor their operations. The result is a data landscape. DataBroker DAO manages the development of a very "smart life" and makes this data available to cities, organizations and entrepreneurs at an affordable price.
And Databroker DAO also has a fully functioning platform for you. Want to know how to sell or buy IoT sensor data will work on Databroker? Check out the BETA platform version

DataBroker DAO project token

DTX token name
Block - Ethereum (ERC-20)
Total number of tokens - 225 000 000
The ICO dates from April 26 to May 26, 2018
Price of the token: 1 ETH = 4000 DTX
Hard Cup: 9400 ETH
Bonus: 10% on the 1st day of the sale of the tokens

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