Mans best friend was once something that has life, the Dog, today, most of us spend more time with our little toys than we spend with living human beings.
Technology has made work very easy and fast, in fact we now turn to technology for solutions to almost all our problems, such as navigation, transportation, medical surgery, and many others.
Today, we have people who take robots as best friends and partners, perhaps because they wont betray, robot pastors, brothers, and some are even considering to have a robot god.
But could these people get the quality they seek in technology? Can a child be given robot parents? I believe there are some things that only humans can be called to do. Take for example, in the military, they know that drones cannot replace manned vehicles when it comes to attack and defence that is why they still produce hardwares that are under the control of man, even the drones are not left to take decisions on their own.

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