Обновление скрипта Price Feed JS - Updates to Golosfeed-JS

As per the recent changes to the ICO price feed, as listed in @on0tole's post, I have modified GOLOSFEED-JS to use these changes.

If you are using docker, update your node as follows:

В соответствии с последними изменениями ICO price feed, как указано в @on0tole's post, я изменил GOLOSFEED-JS что бы учесть данные изменения.

Если вы используете docker, обновите вашу ноду следующим образом:

cd golosfeed-js
docker stop golosfeed
docker rm golosfeed
git pull
docker build -t golosfeed-js .
docker run -itd --name=golosfeed goloeed-js

NOTE: In some older instructions, you may have named your container feed instead of golosfeed. If you did, you may need to adjust these instructions. The naming is to prevent conflicts with existing steem feeds which normally get named feed.

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Thanks for the quick update

14.12.2016 07:39