5 Треков, которые объяснят вам, что такое пост-рок (и сделают вас его фанатом!) ttps://

We Lost The Sea - A Gallant Gentleman
Sleep Dealer - The Way Home
This Will Destroy You - Quiet
Explosions In The Sky - Your Hand In Mine
Do Make Say Think - Herstory Of Glory


5 Чав пост-рока

Atarax - Liars From Behi
Locomotora -
Laulu Laululta is
Sleep Dealer - Into The Abyss
Way Station - Clouds Dropped Down
Coastlands - Earthless
Scale & Feather - Afloat
April Rain - Nigel The Solan
Vercors - Nada Para Siempre
Feed Me To The Waves - Weave Your Fur
Borderland - We Are All Dreamers
Native Skyline - Despite Time
Ciempies - Laberinto De Conexiones Neuronales
Unleash The Tides - Recurring Dreams
Distant Dream - Reflection
Roots And Ruins - Future Haunts
Quintessence - Celestial
Alpha Du Centaure - Le Desequilibre Originel
Da Voile - Sunset I Subbulegur Kassa
Seahorses - The Valley Beyond
Oak Meadow - Concord
Grigoriy Kolokutin - Changes
Silent Island - Admiring The Last Dawn
Inadran - D.0
Escape From 1984 - Shatters Of My Mind In Space
Degree Of Arc - Milestone
Versus The Ghost - We Don't Belong Here
Molecules To Minds - I Am A Strange Loop
Old Seas / Young Mountains - Evergreen
Once Upon A Winter - In The Chronicles Of Mediocre Egos
Around The World In 80 Days - Virus
Leech - Arrete
Xeile - Equinox
City Of The Lost - Martin's Escape
The Amnesia Cycle - Hands Of Etain
Searching The Architect - Deathwish
Macondo - Seek
Out Of Sight - Unbound
Mice Eat The Moon - Just Take My Hand
Give Me The Dawn - Fragmented
Somewhere Inside Of Me - No, I'm Not Sorry
Message In A Cloud - Under The Blanket
Prynum - I Am The Mantikor
Peaceful Retreat - Through Levels
I Am No Hero - Midnight Noise
Startle The Heavens - Ghost Of La Linda
The Outsider - The Deep Roar Of The Breaking Waves

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