Through The Mirror


Hello Friends, :0)

Today's track is called "Through The Mirror". An Electronic Ambient Orchestral Drone, part of "In Slow Motion" ( upcoming Album. It will be probably the first track of this album, the opening.

I don't know if we can say that this composition came to life by accident, or some any other mystery. I was just testing some sounds on the Daw on which I used to work, and things came naturally. The progression of chords with these common notes, starting quietly and making this repetitive chord melody grow. I think the song sets the tone immediately. The good sound at the right time!

It's true that sometimes it takes a lot of time to develop a piece. This is one of those that I composed instantly and which immediately seemed potentially good. It's very minimalist and you have at the same time that impression of orchestral greatness.

This is not the final mix, I will probably publish the final one soon. But all is here. Enjoy!

Thank you very much for your support! Have a fantastic day.. or night! :0)
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Experimental Music Composer - Ambient Atmospheric Instrumental

Experimental Music Composer - Ambient Atmospheric Instrumental
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