Space Drift

Space Drift by SolarPhasing

Hello Friends, :0)

Imagine the slow drift of a vessel in deep space, who is sending a distress signal.. Space is endless.
Are we alone?

"Space Drift" is the track opening my first EP "Relics".
This space journey is the first composition I recorded with Solar Phasing. I remember to worked more than one week to be satisfied with the result. It was composed as part of a storyboard, but the project was cancelled. It's electronic orchestral music. A Cinematic Sci-Fi Space Opera Soundtrack.

"As the vessel is slowly drifting in a unknown deep space, I wonder if the earth is still blue. After all these years. If birds are still singing in the early morning. At the daybreak. When the sun start to shine. Can we really remember the sound of the rain, or of the wind. We followed the footsteps of these explorers, before us, and we lost ourself, too. Drifting in space.."

Thank you very much for your support. Have a fantastic day! :0)

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