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On The Edge Of The Galaxy (Album)

On The Edge Of The Galaxy by SolarPhasing

Hello Music Friends, :0)

Go back to the heart of your life .. When you were a child, and how did you discover things of life, and what influences did they have on you, on who you are today? We do not necessarily immediately make the link. But by analyzing it more deeply, we quickly realize that everything was connected. Is connected! As far I remember, I always wanted to make music, good music. Try to..

But why, ultimately? To feel all right. Yes, I'm an artist, I have no choice, I have to. To.. to feel all right! Music is one of the best medicines. I really think so. She really got me out of my depressions and my addictions. Yeah, a rock'n roll life, you know. I lost my health. Clearly. After more than 20 years on benzodiazepine (They say it is to treat you), today I can say, I came out of this nightmare. Definitely. I say it very honestly, it's music that has allowed me to heal. Creating it, listening to it, concentrating on. Inspiration, let it grab you. Yes, because It's not the opposite.

Today, I just want to make a focus on my last Album called: "On The Edge Of The Galaxy".
What it is about? Well, I think it's a pure healing Album. A very peaceful sonic experience.
A serie of Experimental Ambient Drones to focus on your work, to relax, to dream, to heal.

Forget the stress and have a relaxing rest.

Oh.. and put your headphones for a better immersion.

Thank you very much for your support! Have a fantastic week! :0)
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  • On The Edge Of The Galaxy
    "On The Edge Of The Galaxy" Album
    Released March 25, 2018.

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