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Is There Anyone?


Hey friends, :0)

Well.. I started writing lyrics again. New songs for the band Alchemic Journey.
These lyrics below are part of one of my last song I wroted, and we are playing on stage at our last concerts. It's called: "Is There Anyone".

I also finishing a new one these days, called: "Believe in who, Believe in what"
This is a common problem about our governments you know, haha. ;0)
Okay, It will be a new publication somewhere later in time. And about the writing process.. for me.

Hope you all have a peaceful sunday.
Thank you so much for your support! :0)
Much #Love.

"Is There Anyone"

"J'ai tellement tourné à l'envers,
Tombé tellement de fois à terre,
Y a t il quelqu'un au bout du fil,
Du funambule de mon exil..

Feux d'artifices de sentiments,
Qui sortent,
Dehors.. de mon.. dedans
Je suis fragile,
Si fragile..

Y a t il quelqu'un..
Y a t il une main..
Juste un seul mot.
Ou un sourire..

Extract from "Y a t il Quelqu'un" - Alchemic Journey

"Me puse tan al revés,
Caído tantas veces en el suelo,
¿Hay alguien en la línea?,
Desde la cuerda floja de mi exilio..

Fuegos artificiales de sentimientos,
Que estan saliendo
Afuera.. de mi.. en
Soy frágil,
Tan frágil.

Hay alguien..
Hay una mano ..
Sólo una palabra.
O una sonrisa..

"I turned so much upside down,
Fallen so many times on the ground,
Is there someone on the line,
From the tightrope walker of my exile..

Fireworks of feelings,
Who are going out,
Outside.. of my.. in
I am fragile,
So fragile..

Is there anyone..
Is there a hand..
Just one word.
Or a smile..

A peaceful one: A piano Ballad.

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