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In The Dark Night [Video Games Soundtrack]

Solar Phasing - In The Dark Night.png

Hello Music Lovers & all friends

A mystery electronic orchestral composition called: "In The Dark Night".

I'm a long long time Gamer, mainly playing RPG, MMO, Rogue-Like, Dungeon, etc. Not only, but they are definitively my favs genres. My philosophy is: "Let's try to provide quality music and sounds assets at a really cheap price for these indie devs. So, they can get great sounds without being ruined". I give too a lot of free SFX sounds or background for free! In just one year, I think it's more than 5000 free downloads. Maybe one day I will launch a game and say: "Hey, this is my sound!!!". haha ha.

It would fit well in a mystery sequence in a movie too. "Harry Potter in The Dark Night" haha.

If you are an indie game dev, check out:
Can loop seamless.

For a license, check Songtradr:

Hey.. have a fantatic week! Thank you so much for your great support! :0)
Take care.. See you soon!

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Juan, @SolarPhasing

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Comments 2

Good sound for horor movie

17.07.2019 21:08

Good sound for horor movie

17.07.2019 21:08