Electron by SolarPhasing

Hey hey hey Music Lovers, :0)

Today track is my lastest single released officially on march 15, 2019: "Electron".

The track will be on the EP "Electron Rock", with "Moon Dance" and a couple more in the same feeling. Pulsative beats! Coming Soon.. https://choon.co/albums/0fif5y76x0o/electron-rock

Some background about Electron:
It was an old basic idea row in a corner, and I was wondering what I could do with it. I had 3 parts of the arpegio sequence and some sound effects recorded, who make me though of Electrons turning and turning around. I published Moon Dance (which initially was an excercise on the progression of the various drums elements on a Dance Beat) a couple of weeks ago, an unreleased hypnotic EDM track from 2016. And people really liked it. I told myself that I could try to go in this direction.. I start working on the track by adding the bass, I had this bassline in my head and I liked the repetitive pattern, making it something hypnotic with this old retro sound. And once the drums part was ready too, I started to really like how it sounded. Very retro spacy. After some hours of work: "Got it!" :0)

I usually work with Samplitude Pro X but this one was recorded on EnergyXT, a friendly DAW to get really quickly your ideas saved. Integrated synths, and some oldies VSTi's, for example: V5-KX-SYNTH-X16 or DSK Odisea.

Some effects on tracks: Classic Auto-Filter, Classic EQ, Classic Reverb, EnergyXT Filter, Melda Production MFlanger (I highly recommend Melda Production, this guy make amazing stuff, incredible pluggins)
On Master: Classic Compression, Classic Master Limiter. All Classic are free plugins and do their job pretty well. On this DAW I have very few VST's or VSTi's.

Thank you very much for all your support. Have a fantastic week! :0)

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