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Earth Message

Earth Message by SolarPhasing

Hello Music Lovers, :0)

Realize. The planet is bad, human beings are bad. We are destroying our house. This beautiful blue planet. How can we back down? Even with a global awareness, where things are going, could we do something? Becoming aware.. will already be a first step. A blue planet in the immensity of the universe. Earth.

Today's track is called: "Earth Message", a track for my first EP "Relics" (
A #World #Electronic #Downtempo. Listen to the message..

About "Relics":
Compositions recorded in 2009 in France for a scifi space opera musical storyboard. The project was aborted. I published what was the start of Solar Phasing music work: as "Relics"!

Thank you very much for your support! Have a peaceful sunday! :0)

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