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Do You Remember?

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Hello Music Friends, :0)

"So, you play in a rock band too?".
Yep, I write songs and compose music with Alchemic Journey.

All photographies are taken by Jean Christophe Bellier in February 24, 2018 for a Charity Live Concert we done.. It was a great great gig!! :0)

Gaël Vuillet on Drums.

Alchemic Journey --  - Drums.jpg

Michael Diaz on Bass (Also my first son :0) )

Alchemic Journey -- Michael Diaz - Bass.jpg

It's a french prog rock band and we will start touring again in february. We haven't officially recorded nothing yet, as a real band I mean, because we all have a very busy life. The main thing is to get pleasure. And we have really a lot. But as we are playing only our compos, we will record an album sometimes in a near future. We have some very good rehearsal recordings, may be I will share some once in a while..

Patrick Bosq is the singer.

Alchemic Journey -- Patrick Bosq - Vocals.jpg

Do You Remember is a "advanced demo" (July 2016) for an album I was working on before rebuilding the band on september 2017. It's an instrumental rock progressive track. I recorded this one alone, not with the band members. Finally, It's a basic view of the ambiance I want to give to this track. I hope you will enjoy it. :0)

I wish you all a fantactic week! Thank you so much for all your support. :0)

More demos:

Marc Gorand on Guitars/Keyboards, and Backing Vocals.

Alchemic Journey -- Marc Gorand - Guitars - Keyboards.jpg

Juan Diaz (Also @SolarPhasing) on Guitars and Backing Vocals.
Composer and songwriter of the band.

Alchemic Journey -- Juan Diaz - Guitars - Backing vocals.jpg

Annoucing the first 2019 gig..

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Juan, @SolarPhasing

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