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[Comics] The Infinity Gauntlet (1991)

Infinity Gauntlet (English Edition) by Jim Starlin.

Hello Friends,

My yesterday reading. If you like Comics, the Marvel universe, you will like this one: The Infinity Gauntlet. A 1991 serie of 6 comics novels in one.

"Thanos, the lover of Death, is back. And he has a weapon that makes him the most powerful being in the universe: the Infinite Glove. Adorned with jewels with incredible powers, he represents, in the hands of the Mad Titan, a terrible threat to all realities. A danger that the heroes of the Earth hope to repel. In this volume, the mini-series that revolutionized the Marvel world in the early '90s, The Thanos Challenge, written by a master of cosmic epics, Jim Starlin, and illustrated by George Perez (Avengers) and Ron Lim".

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