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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency eBooks

Hello Crypto Friends, :0)

I'm a long long time gamer. I've played Pong, and then put a lot of coins in arcade machines on Space Invaders, Galaga, and many more. Well, it's not the subject. I follow every releases on Humble Bundle, as gamer first, but you can find ebooks bundle too, there. Great Bundles at nice price! You also support Charity causes when you buy bundles on Humble Bundle.

The last ebooks bundle is about "blockchain and cryptocurrency". It's called: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency by Packt. ( ). You will find a lot of interesting ebooks about Ethereum, Bitcoin, blockchain projects and development. Also some video tutorials. I bought it for myself, I wanted to learn more about all this stuff. This was the occasion. Bundles start at a price of $1, and more for more content. Check out!
You're free to give more.

Have a fantastic day! :0)

I'm a music composer artist.

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