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A Wild River


Hello Friends, :0)

Near home, we have a beautiful wild river called "La Valserine". Recently, she was added at the patrimony of the country, protected, because it's the most pure wild river in France. Already a child, I loved going for a walk on its shores. Memories..

Memories is the today's track
"On A short Walk, Memories come back.
From the upcoming album "Fantasy Piano Variations"
A perfect track for a peaceful walk in the nature.

Thank you so much for your support! Have a peaceful weekend. :0)

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Comments 4

beautiful waterfall & river & place

08.04.2019 09:20

@gleniana Thank yo uso much! It's beautiful and peaceful place, for sure! :0)
Thank you for your support. And Welcome!

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09.04.2019 08:02