Smart Containers - safest temperature controlled containers to transport sensitive pharma goods.


In recent years the logistics became one of the most significant and developing sectors of the economy. The primary task of logistics - to transport freight from one point to another, in integrity and right on time. However, a relatively wide range of transported goods requires special transportation conditions. The difficulty lies in the fact that always remains the risk of not deliver goods in its qualitative form, no matter how carefully observed all the necessary conditions and no matter how well-organized the transportation plan.

This category of goods usually includes:
• products of vegetable origin: fruits, vegetables, greens, mushrooms, etc .;
• products of animal origin: meat, fish, eggs, milk, etc .;
• processed products: cheeses, sausages, canned goods, etc .;
• living plants: flowers, seedlings;
• goods used for medical purposes: medicinal products, blood, plasma, etc.


These products are always associated with some risks because they need to create special conditions that meet the standards for their storage. For example, providing suitable temperature condition and control of humidity level. The fulfillment of these conditions throughout the transportation route is a more difficult task than maintaining the same conditions inside the usual storage facilities. In this regard, a better organization of transportation is needed, which foresees every contingency and protecting cargo from all sorts of destructive influences.

The project Smart Containers issuing the safest containers with controlled temperature for transportation of pharmaceutical medicines and products will help to eradicate these and many other difficulties. Thanks to the patented cooling technology, advanced insulation system and the IoT sensors in the ecosystem (LOGI CHAIN), Smart Containers allows to keep the freshness of products and also to control and track their movement.

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Smart Containers - revolutionization in the transportation of foods.
In fact, there are a lot of risk factors associated with the transport of perishable goods: traffic situation, quality of road surface, weather (outside temperature), dustiness and pollution of air, microorganisms, humidity, etc. To minimize such impact, necessary to observe temperature regime during transportation strictly. Unless these conditions fulfilled, then cargo will spoil, and completely will lose the commodity qualities. Consequently, the only thing that with it it will be possible to make - to throw out.
The ingenious cooling technology Smart Containers will store five times more energy than traditional methods to keep the container at a steady temperature. All Smart Containers will be automatically recharged using cold air without any manual interference.

Smart Containers - the revolution in the pharmaceutical industry.
Temperature control of medicines should be observed both at their storage and at transportation. It a particular cargo, often sensitive to changes in the temperature regime and requiring special restrictions during transportation. If in hospitals and medical institutions doctors, nurses, druggists, laboratory assistants can independently organize the correct storage of medicines, then during transportation they not in forces to make it.
As medications often shift from one container in another before they get to the appointed place, it is necessary to carry out control on all chain of delivery. Not every company has a lot of experience with such cargoes, and not every company can offer effective logistics solutions in this area. However, with the advent of Smart Containers, it became possible. Equipped with a multitude of sensors containers guarantee the most accurate data on temperature, humidity, and location. All these data will store in the blockchain, and their use will help assess the quality of delivered medications.


However, in addition to solving the problems associated with meeting the necessary transportation conditions, Smart Containers will significantly improve the transparency and efficiency of the processes of tracking supplies, digitizing and exchanging data, sending and receiving money. Why is it important?

For example, you order a batch of products from the USA. The purchase and sale agreements, way bills scanned and paper customs declarations, agreements on maritime and motor transportation, the translations of documents, etc. will be necessary for the organization of delivery. In the process, many contractors who speak different languages ​​are involved. If at least one of them loses or will incorrectly fill out some documents, then all process will break.
To become more effective logistic companies shall process big data arrays, monitor goods in real time, exchange information with partners. Smart Containers considerably will simplify all this process:

  1. Use of smart-contracts significantly will reduce the number of paper documents and will exclude unnecessary of actions. It is enough to register once terms of a transaction and to wait for it accomplishment without signing of intermediate papers. As a result, all processes will quicker.
  2. Transparency and full control. In the blockchain, you will track the entire path of goods from production to the shelf in the store. Data will always be available to each participant in the process. If your post office will lose documents, or someone will make changes to them, then data can be checked in the blockchain.
  3. Fewer intermediaries. Participants in the chain can communicate with each other without intermediary services - and therefore without commissions. The fewer intermediaries, the lower the cost of delivery.
  4. Decision disputable situations. The public register can facilitate the resolution of disputes between participants in the transport process. Proof of rightness in this case will be a record in the blockchain.
  5. Quality control. In blockchain can store information about the goods, the manufacturer, the expiration dates. It will identify unscrupulous suppliers, prevent incorrect labeling of goods and find supplies of counterfeit products.


The company will release two types of tokens: SMARC and LOGI.
The LOGI is a utility token that will be used for payment transactions. The SMARC is a profit token: 20% of future dividends and profit from payments will be paid to the owners of the tokens.


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