Overview of Saturn Black, the Crypto Market Liquidity Provider


Cryptocurrency Exchange in a simple term is a Blockchain Powered Platform where different kinds of Digital assets are beings exchanged for value. Some Cryptocurrency Exchangers makes it possible to exchange Digital assets to Fiat while some only allow Crypto to crypto transactions. Cryptocurrency Exchanges fall in 2 different Categories , namely : Centralized and Decentralized Exchange. In Centralized Exchanges. Funds, assets and transactions are still being monitored by Central system while reverse is the case in the Decentralized system. Decentralized system does not give room to centralization, assets are being traded on P2P basis. Ever since the invention of Bitcoin about a decade ago, lots of Cryptocurrency Exchanges has been created.There are lots of shortcoming associated with some existing Crypto Exchanges . Security breach has been a major threat to most of our Cryptocurrency Exchangers. The vulnerability of these exchanges has been preventing lots of users in Crypto Space. The Second major problem is Excessive transaction fees.Most Cryptocurrency Exchanges charge excessively for transactions in their Platform and this is not encouraging enough .
It is a general believe that Rome wasn't built in a day and we all have to keep in mind Cryptocurency Industry is a very young industry.Different great innovations keep popping out from Blockchain industry day by day . We believe with time , all these problems will come to end as the industry is developing gradually .Having studies the Shortcoming prevalence in Crypto currency Exchanges and operations, the Team of Saturn Black developers have come up with their Game changing innovation. They have developed a cryptocurrency exchange Platform which will correct the shortcoming in some exsiting Cryptocurrency Exchangers . Saturn Black will stand as a modification of all existing Cryptocurrency exchange with the sole aims of making Cryptocurrency exchange operation easier, safe and more convenient for the Global users.

Saturn Black Solution is very brilliant one which will remove the barrier of common threats and fear of Hacks in Cryptocurrency Exchanges. The exchange has been solely built for users convenience and safety . It will enable traders and general users being able to conduct atomic swaps of their various Digital assets . Saturn Black will open P2P Exchange system available for general users within their platform . Company brokers, investors, traders and all will be benefited from the opportunity opened by Saturn Black and varieties of Digital assets will be usher into the Platform .According to the Whitepaper over Digital assets will be made available in the exchange and thereby channeling surplus liquidity into the Exchange .Interoperability feature will be made available in the Platform which will enable inter operation between multiple blockchain system which will facilitate complete system of Decentralization in Saturn Black Ecosystem and keeping off the third party or any form of manipulation in the system.
There are so many features that make Saturn Black more effective and unique from any other Cryptocurrency Exchanges. Swap Protocol system adopted by Saturn will ensure safety of Users assets .The Swap protocol enable exchange operation to take place from wallet to wallet and removing the need of transferring your funds to the Exchange before trading on them .Individual users will have access to their Wallet key and be the manager of their funds and wallet. This is a great revolution in Cryptocurrency Exchange System. I will recommend this Project to all smart and visionary investors.The ICO token Sale has ended about a couple of months ago.Any interested investor can still fill their bags by using Latoken Exchange. I will stop here for now . Stay tuned for the next part of the review and have a great day readers.

Saturn Black Official Resources
Website: https://saturn.black
Bitcointalk thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5075635.0
Whitepaper: https://saturn.black/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/saturn-white-paper-eng-1.0.1.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Saturn-Black-200220127527617
Twitter: https://twitter.com/saturn_twitt
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saturn_xsat/
Official Group: https://t.me/saturn_ENGchat
Official Channel: https://t.me/saturnblack

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