Alfa-enzo ICO review

Dear friends, welcome everyone to my blog! Today I will talk about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how Alfa Enzo is introducing blockchain technology into the development of a decentralized industry, and also discuss in detail the details of ICO.

Alfa-Enzo is a high-speed social ecosystem for the exchange of information based on Blockchain technology with the possibility of receiving rewards for using the platform and the data provided. The project team creates a multifunctional social platform with a high level of client orientation and effective analysis of each internal process. The main goal of the project is to create a truly equal and exclusive global economy, making it convenient for all users and business categories who will be able to make deals in an ecosystem freely.

Alfa Enzo Ecosystem

Alfa is the main portal where users connect to the Enzo Open Network and monetize their participation on the platform.
Push is an independent marketing system that allows advertisers to place their advertisements and deliver them to users through push notifications.
Wallet is a simple and convenient wallet inside the platform, thanks to which users can freely make transactions within the platform.

Why do you need Alfa Enzo platform?

The platform will be able to bring something new and necessary to the world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain.
Alfa-Enzo solves the problem of complex and lengthy transactions to pay for goods or services.
Domestic coins are backed up and guaranteed by the generally accepted currency.
The mechanism of internal exchange between traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies has been established.

About internal token: NZO

The EON network operates in a digital currency named Enzo (NZO), which supports the cost of this platform. Initially, the market will be released 21 billion NZO Tokens. The basic value of Enzo will be obtained from the time and activity of users.

Where can users use Enzo tokens?

Merchants can receive payments for their physical or digital products using Enzo tokens, while users can use it to pay for decentralized data storage, services integrated with Dapp, for recording time and managing advertising services using Push. Rewards and commissions will also be paid in NZO tokens.

ICO details

Start Pre-ICO on August 3 and will last until November 15, 2018
Start of ICO on November 16 and will last until December 30, 2018
Token Name - NZO
Token Type - Ethereum
Pre-ICO Token Price - 1 NZO = 0.005 USD (at a cost of ETH = $ 216)
ICO token price - 1 NZO = 0.01 USD
Hard Cap - 100,000,000 USD
Soft Cap - 25,000,000 USD

Why support this project:

  • The Alfa Enzo team, absolutely all of its employees work for the benefit of the company and are always ready to help in any matter. They are always in touch and do not disappear from sight. After all, at the moment when we are talking about ICO projects, this fact is very important.
  • All prototypes made by the Alfa Enzo development team are publicly available, and you can already familiarize yourself with and try out this system.
  • The leaders of this project have the greatest experience in running such a business, and Alfa Enzo will certainly succeed. Here is a team of project professionals:

Tony K. Tran - Founder and CEO
Quyen T. Phan - COO and Chief Evangelist
James Dron - Vice President, Ads Product
Andy Truong - Vice President, Global Markets
Linh P. Vu - CFO
Thomas S. Nsikakabasi - Chief Evangelist, Africa
Angie N. Trinh - Advisor & Principal Partner

On this site you can visit the “Team” section and see the profile of each employee on Linkedin, as well as be able to see the entire Alfa Enzo team. Here you can consult and analyze the experience of each person as much as you want.

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