Multiversum: 4.0 Generation Relational Blockchain

Two features — protection and trustworthiness, made blockchain innovation popular. In spite of a rising fame and expansion of this system, it holds a variety of weaknesses. The incomplete range of capabilities of this technology was proved when in 2017 one application which used Ethereum, complained about an occurrence of diversified on-line traffic jamming, while the information stream heightened transaction fees were badly increasing.

Another disadvantage of using traditional blockchain is its huge price — this fact delays general acceptance of this mechanism. The core concept of this mechanism was enabling the minimization of fees but in reality, nothing changed. A Multiversum project came up with an idea to eliminate disadvantages of present blockchain and to transform it into a fourth generation technology which could be used freely and conveniently by developers.


What is Multiversum?

It's an innovative technique which took a basic concept of original blockchain and transformed and upgraded it to the highest possible level. The previous structure is too narrow and inconvenient, while this innovative system managed to establish the grounds in order to achieve a decentralized and dispersed infrastructure of comprehensible self-verifying dealings.

It is different from other structures since it facilitates the improvement of a structured set of data that could help to solve the issue of storing the info. These sets have the ability to collect and process different groups of info which is gathered in intricate diagrams that also can be intertwined.


Advantages of Multiversum

The utmost important improvement made by the team is the speed of a new mechanism. It is empowered with a capability to manage diverse operations and dealings at the same time and to break and reunite the chains. These two above mentioned peculiarities enable the capability of a system to handle a growing amount of info and helps in maximizing the volume of processing operations, at the same time augmenting supplementary calculating functions to the current ones.

Why this breaking or splitting of a chain is essential? It is a known fact that a hard fork occurs when one set of nodes is using the old software and if at the same moment the other set of nodes is using the new software — appears a split that leads to a hard fork. In the case of Multiversum blockchain, this “break” is not a problem, it's an advantage. If a stream of operations is too high, in order to lessen the load on a sole chain it is split, so that two operations are managed simultaneously. This helps to maximize the speed of all the operations.


Another advantage of this new technique is that it tries to lessen the computing power that is used to validate the cryptography thus managing to escape mining plus it eliminates the misuse of an enormous amount of power and supplies. Alternatively, the team decided to put into action a technique that validates cryptography by verifying the credibility of the software determines the perseverance of an operation.

Users of the platform are allowed to freeze owned wallets in case they suspect that mistrustful operations were conducted to them. The safety of the user's info is ensured by the fact that Multiversum wants to exploit an individual's biometrics in order to establish a method of identifying an individual. This method can help in diminishing the cases of hacks.


Multiversum allows its users to roll back to a previous state to correct undesirable operations. The user will be able to recover at an early state without disrupting the credibility of the whole chain validation. This is done by implementing a set of recovery states.

Users of the platform are also empowered with the ability to return to a preceding condition in order to accurate unsatisfactory activities. A user may get back to the preceding state without harming the soundness of the whole structure.


About Multiversum ICO:

Pre-ICO Phase:

Start Date: 01.03.2018
End Date: 31.03.2018
Main Sale Token Price: 1 USD per MTV
25% Bonus for contributions from 0 to 1,000 USD
30% Bonus for contributions from 1,000 to 50,000 USD
35% Bonus for contributions above 50,000 USD

Main ICO Phase:

Start Date: 16.04.2018
End Date: 10.06.2018
Main Sale Token Price: 1 USD per MTV
1-2 Weeks: 20%
3-4 Weeks: 15%
5-6 Weeks: 10%
7-8 Weeks: 5%

Tokens Distribution and Allocation (141 millions MTV summary):






Advisory Board:







The concept that laid the foundation of the platform is to fix the errors and disadvantages of the previous version of a blockchain mechanism thus managing to become a fourth generation blockchain. It has such advantages as speed, the ability to split in order to minimize the load upon the chains, it ensures the safety of users with the establishment of biometrics form of identifying individuals. Probably, in the near future, this platform could help in the expansion and in the acceptance of a blockchain technology.

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