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Augmented Reality or AR is not the same as Virtual Reality, or it isn't recognized to be as fascinating as VR, but the mechanism is considered to be really convenient in our real lives. We can find the use of AR in social media even in surgical procedures; such a technology is expanding because it carries VR components to the real life — and that is really exciting since it boosts everything we see or hear. If we compare AR to other virtual reality mechanisms, we see that it is something in between the real and virtual world — it has the components of both worlds. But where else this fascinating technology could be used? A project called Mossland decided to use it in a mobile game that is established using real places and buildings.


What is Mossland?

This is a project that uses augmented reality to enable players to see almost all the constructions, such as, towns, buildings, different areas, monuments etc around the planet in a neat, precise and real way. Any player can find a property, seize it and sell it to other players using cryptocurrency implemented by the system. A user has a nice opportunity to gain money, all he has to do is to seize as much property as possible.

In this captivating gaming world players have the opportunity to seize not the properties that don't exist, but they are able to find and grab those places that exist in the real world. The game presents a capability to purchase and trade real-world lands using Mossland virtual world. The team decided to use blockchain technology to provide secure transactions, exchanges, purchases etc giving individuals a completely innovative and engaging way to cooperate with each other. Value of an estate in this reality is set considering the visiting statistics of this place — the more popular the place is amongst people, the more valuable it is.

Property owners will receive an opportunity to purchase and use some components for decorating their ownership. These components are virtual decorations or accessories that are connected to virtual buildings. This possibility will give players the ability to design their buildings in a way that is exclusive and authentic so that all the players can recognize them.

Probably one of the best opportunities that bring Mossland to its players is the possibility of visiting all the places they ever wanted to see. Sometimes we don't have the capability to travel due to such factors as lack of time, lack of resources or other personal reasons, but using the game we may see all those places not even leaving our apartments.


How it works?

Mossland will be established as a game service on a special central server. When a player is joining the community, his data is delivered to a blockchain. The platform tries to construct the appealing check-in model, similar to the ones created by such projects as Ingress or PokemonGo. Players are provided with such opportunities as exploring and finding methods and approaches to advertising their buildings to other platform users. In this way, Mossland team constructed a virtual economy that is combined with some elements of a traditional economy.

The team created and implemented in-game cryptocurrency called Moss. Players will be provided with an opportunity to buy and trade Moss through digital money exchanges with other cryptocurrencies or applying in-app purchases. At the point when the total sum of Moss will be purchased by users, they will be provided only with an opportunity to achieve it through estate sales.


What are the main features of Mossland?

Besides the capability of visiting almost every corner of our planet, players of the game will receive the ability to control their ownership, design buildings in a unique manner, advertise these buildings to other players, purchase and sell the estates etc. All this can be achieved through such features:

Adding accessories — the team created special objects, they can be used by those players, who own the property. In this way, users may upgrade the buildings, increase its value to the owner and to those, who visit the upgraded place.

Host advertising — with this tool players can make their building more popular amongst players and visitors of the property. It works in the same way as the ordinary advertisements.

Sell buildings — users can trade their estates to earn Moss. If a player has a nice, upgraded building, he will be able to successfully sell it — works in the same way as in real life.


About Mossland ICO:

Start Date: 21.03.2018
End Date: 17.04.2018
Main Sale Token Price: 1 MOC = 0.12 USD
Week 1 21.03 - 27.03: 15%
Week 2 28.03 - 03.04: 10%
Week 3 04.04 - 10.04: 5%
Week 4 11.04 - 17.04: 2.5%
Contributable cryptocurrencies: only ETH via smart-contract

Tokens Distribution (500 millions MOC summary):






ICO Advisors:


Produst Advisors:





Mossland is a platform that gave users an opportunity to visit real places and landmarks using AR. Now those, who don't have the ability to travel, can see all the places they ever wanted to visit. It also gives a chance for players to create exciting buildings using the in-game tools, trade buildings and earn money.

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