FIANCIA: A Revolutionary Copy Trading Platform

The diversity and expansion of innovative mechanisms made a massive impact on all the industries in the world. The same happened with the financial environment. The increase of cryptotrading changed the current situation in the trading sphere. It's not surprising that investors and traders want to make a better use of tools that are based on innovative technologies since they can make it easier for them to interact with global entities and to achieve their prearranged aims and goals. Not to mention the fact that though this sphere is considered to be a profitable business, it still has a lack of a trusted and transparent copy trading system. Each and every investor or trader wants to be confident in the provided information so that they can choose the best opportunities. A project called Fiancia introduced to the trading world such tools that can help users to achieve their goals.


What is Fiancia?

This is a secure platform which will help traders around the world to join their forces on a global level. The main idea of the team is to supply platform users with a number of opportunities with the help of which they can achieve their aims and enjoy the profits from using cryptocurrencies accessible on a marketplace. To achieve these results, the team created a friendly global copy trading system and a special TV channel that distributes news dedicated to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology innovations etc.

Fiancia uses a decentralized technology for trading since it ensures such aspects as the safety of transactions, confidence in provided info. The organization has a goal to release their own digital currency called FIN token that will give a possibility to complete transactions in real time conditions. The FIN token will be connected with trader's personal cryptocurrency wallets. The platform facilitates and empowers investors and traders with an opportunity to receive up-to-date news and information regarding digital currency market and trading so that they can harvest the finest results and enjoy the best returns.


How it works?

The application gives an opportunity for its users to sell digital currencies in a real-time using smooth, transparent and secure decentralized system. Fiancia sees the problem in the lack of secure and translucent trading mechanisms and systems, this is why the team used blockchain technology that proved to be quite useful in establishing protected ecosystems.

Fiancia used blockchain to implement a system where all transactions are managed and stored in a secure manner. It makes impossible to steal the data by hackers, altered or changed in any way — all the changes made to the information stored in blocks are documented and can be seen by the users of the network. The platform is constructed in a manner that eliminates the need for a third party. An appealing bonus of an absence of the so-called trusted mediator is that it reduces the fees for using the application.


Why Fiancia is a great choice?

Up till this point, no trading platform provided its users with a TV channel dedicated to cryptocurrency, trading news and innovative technologies connected to digital money. Fiancia strives to become the best opportunity for traders and desires to establish the most adequate, unique, detailed and correct channel that will provide its users with the fundamental info for them to use and benefit from it.

The app also supplies and empowers traders with a trusted and transparent copy trading system that will aid in seizing the best choices and receiving returns. Moreover, investors can collect substantial incomes by holding this system. The established reward will be paid once a month, the amount of the reward will be set due to the rank of a user. The simple and friendly terminal can be used by traders and investors to achieve great profits, inexperienced users may receive help from competent and professional traders. And probably one of the best opportunities provided by the platform is that it helps to eliminate the risk of possible loss.


About Fiancia ICO:


Start Date: 01.03.2018
End Date: 31.03.2018
Pre-Sale Token Available: 6 millions FIN (10%)
Pre-Sale Token Price: 0.0005 ETH (discount 50%)
Contributable cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC

Main Sale:

Start Date: 15.04.2018
End Date: 15.06.2018
Main Sale Token Available: 45 millions FIN (75%)
Main Sale Token Price:
15th Apr - 25th Feb: 0.00065 ETH
26th Apr - 05th May: 0.0008 ETH
06th May - 15th May: 0.0009 ETH
16th May - 30th May: 0.00093 ETH
31th May - 15th Jun: 0.00096 ETH
Contributable cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD

The tokens burning process will be always ensuring that majority of token supply generated (from 75% up to 85%) is owned by Fiancia Community over time. Fully in line with decentralization concept.

Tokens Distribution (60 millions FIN summary):

Token Distribution.jpg

Funds Distribution:

Funds Distribution.jpg






Fiancia managed to supply the trading industry with a powerful and effective project that can help traders and investors in achieving the best opportunities for prosperity. The company decided to establish a TV channel dedicated to financial news, cryptocurrency and innovative technologies so that all traders around the world will be capable to receive the desired info and use it for their purposes.

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