BitNation: World's First Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nation

In a modern world people of every country in the world expect from their governments wise and effective governance which leads to prosperity of a country. Unfortunately, not everyone receives what they want, instead, conflicts arise and that leads to violence and cruelty. Imagine a world, where using a simple smartphone you could become a citizen of the nation you prefer. This world is called Bitnation.


What is Bitnation?

It is an enthusiastic team which managed to build a platform that suggests the capacity to constitute contemporary, sovereignties without borders where civilians can design virtual societies and other different samples of associations depending on mutual preferences, interests, views, and ideas. In simple words, BitNation is a decentralized marketplace for legal services.

The team believes that the main idea of each government is to defend and shield its civilians and their property from any type of attack through the legitimate jurisdiction. Citizens need to know that their lives are in safe hands and their property, including digital property, is secured from dispossession. This platform offers the possibility to create or join such societies where everyone can make agreements, deal with misunderstandings or arguments and approach governance services using legal codes.

The project aims to give individuals an opportunity to willingly join virtual nations. The next step the team sees in establishing Pangea Network empowered with the Pangea Arbitration Token (PAT). Civilians can buy and trade PAT tokens while using the network through an application on a smartphone. Another type of tokens established by a project, a so-called reputation type of tokens — it can't be purchased or traded, it can only be earned. These tokens will be carefully computed by a self-governing program which will eliminate the risk of frauds.


How it works?

The network is constructed around the idea of DBVN — Decentralized Borderless Voluntary Nations which is believed to be an expansion of another concept called DAO - decentralized autonomous organization.

In DBVN each concept has its definition:

Decentralized means that there is no need in a central authority. The platform achieved this result employing the so-called Peer-to-Peer (or P2P) method, Applications Programming Interface (API) and forkable codes. Each and every person can reconstruct the platform due to their preferences. Decentralization suggests that the platform can resist any type of the attack. The borderless concept suggests that the network offers its services to everyone on the planet, it doesn't confine its assistance depending on geographical space, ethnicity or nationality. It means that there are no ports of access, no field borderlines, no airports etc.

The maintenance is provided to everyone no matter where they are situated. The voluntary concept suggests that no violence, blackmail or other types of deceit was used to convince people to join them. It also means that civilians of the Bitnation aren't forced to obligatory servitude, subjugation or slavery. All the nations on the platform compete in a free market, the civilians may freely join DBVNs depending on their interests, preferences or views.


Citizens may choose a nation, they can simultaneously join more than one nation or can choose not to join any nation and create one by themselves. On the platform, a nation is understood as an association consisting of people that share the same language, or have common interests, views etc. This is an independent formation, but it is not a state — the platform equips nations with the mechanisms for governance but it doesn't dictate to use them.

In contrast to ordinary jurisdictions which depend on persuasion as an enforcement instrument to resolve disputes, Pangea constructed the mechanism of encouragement. The team implemented a special feedback mechanism that gives reputation tokens to citizens, nations, governance services providers and other users of the platform. The mechanism is designed in such a way that it eliminates all the possibilities of frauds. Every entity on Pangea receives a reputation mark, whether it is an organization, human etc. Also, every smart contract has a reputation mark, a set of measures which represent accordance — this serves as the community standard for quality control.


Bitnation came up with a completely new idea of using blockchain mechanisms. While others try to change the situation in the industrial world, the concept of this project is to create virtual nations. It means that now people may join whatever nation they prefer depending on their interests or preferences. The project is breaking all the boundaries down and allows people to freely choose virtual societies.

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