HARMONY : Open Consensus for 10 Billion People.

Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising Harmony and its advantages.

About the project:

Harmony is a high throughput blockchain project that aims to transform the world into an open marketplace, and it supports the coming decentralized economy by operating at an extremely high scale. The Harmony team aims to provide a consensus protocol over the open internet that is able to facilitate 10 million transactions per second (tps) with a 100-millisecond latency, and a maximum fee of 0.1%.

The team aims to build a platform that operates significantly faster and cheaper than both Bitcoin and Ethereum, while also being able to operate at a scale similar to Google. As a result, they are set to rebuild the decentralized economy by focusing on and innovating a number of key existing components, including:

Transport network​ – Google’s UDP, Bloom tables, 5G mobile.
Consensus protocol – Byzantine committees, acyclic graphs, monopolist fees.
System tooling – Unikernels, multi-core in Rust, zero-copy streaming.
Google’s UDP currently powers 35% of its traffic (or 7% of the Internet) with 50% latency improvement, while the OmniLedger Byzantine protocol benchmarks to 13,000 tps and 1.5 second latency with 1,800 hosts. In addition, unikernels in Rust archives 10 million concurrent connections on a standard 96-core machine on Amazon Cloud, as a result the Harmony team feels that by employing technical innovations to structures that are already proven in research, and implementation they will be able to create a high speed and low cost blockchain infrastructure that is able to support real world industries.
Harmony have also outlined a number of crucial benchmarks which include a maximum transaction fee of 0.1%, in order to support new marketplaces of metered content or fractional work. Furthermore, as the proposed infrastructure for the world’s data firehose​, their bandwidth must scale to 10 million tps in order to be able to process data from supply chain IoT devices, financial institutions, or energy grids. Most importantly, the platform must settle agreements within 100 milliseconds in order to be able to support instant reactions for autonomous robots or on-chain quotes in exchanges.


~~Complete Scalability

The sharding system in Harmony blockchain is for communication via network and validation of transaction as well as for blockchain state. Because of this, Harmony is a unique and completely scalable blockchain ever.

Sharding is Secure

Distributed Randomness Generation (DRG) system guarantees the unique sharding process of Harmony fully and flawlessly secure.

A New Level of Consensus Protocol

Harmony's PoS based sharding system is incredibly energy efficient and faster.

Why people should use Harmony one?

  1. _Harmony one introduces, the next gen sharding based block chain that is completely scalable, energy efficient and provably secure. Harmony one addresses the issues of existing blocks by uniting the most excellent research outcomes as well as engineering practice in an optimally tuned ecosystem. Especially, Harmony one makes some major breakthrough in the following aspects:
  2. Completely Scalable
  3. Harmony one Shards not just the network communication and deal validation like Zilliqa, as well as shards the block chain state. This makes Harmony one a completely scalable block chain network.
  4. Fully Secure Sharding
  5. Harmony one’s sharding procedure is provably secure and thanks to the DRG (distributed randomness generation) procedure which is unbiased able, unpredictable, scalable and verifiable. Harmony one also re-shards the network in a noninterruptive way to stop against little by little adaptive byzantine adversaries!
  6. Fast and Efficient Consensus
  7. Unlike all other sharding based blocks which need POW to pick valuators, Harmony one is based on POS and therefore energy efficient. The consensus is accessed with a linearly scalable BFT algorithm that is one hundred times quicker than PBFT.
  8. Adaptive Threshold POS
  9. The threshold of stakes needed for a node to connect the network is adjusted backed on the volume of complete staking in a way that hateful speakers can’t concentrate their energy in one shard. Furthermore, the threshold is very low enough so that each and every small stakes can remain to contribute in the system as well as gain rewards.
  10. Scalable Cross Shard Transactions
  11. With the Raptor Q fountain code, Harmony one can propagate blocks chains rapidly within shards or across platform by utilizing the adaptive info dispersal algorithm. Harmony one also adopts Kademlia routing to reach cross shard deals that scale logarithmically with the number of shards.
  12. Consistent Cross Shard Deals
  13. Harmony one supports cross shard deals with shards straightly communicating with everyone. An atomic locking system is utilized to make sure the consistency of cross shard deals.
  14. By innovating on both network layers and protocol, Harmony one provides the world with scalable as well as secure block system that’s capable to support the emerging decentralized financial system. Harmony one allows applications which were not previously fair games, Visa Scale pay ecosystems and IOT (internet of things) deals. Harmony one strives to scale trust for the billions of people and make a radically fair financial system.~~_

Why people should use HARMONY:

People must use the platform primarily because of the scalability issue. The developers did their best to ensure that their blockchain system not only met all the requirements of a transactional check (like Zilliqa, but also retained the original state of the most important principle of the network blockchain. The second most important element of the whole blockchain network is its security 100 percent, providing its users with distributed generation of random processes whose action is unpredictable, but verifiable and scalable. This principle will allow protect all HARMONY blockchains from all sorts of scammers and hackers. The next aspect corresponds to energy-efficient algorithms and all possible consensus supported by the PoS basis. This system was not chosen by chance, since it will contribute to the linear scalability of the HARMONY blockchain. You can in more detail and deeply on their technical documents. Moreover, the segmented HARMONY Protocol has a positive effect on the DRG distribution system and other network algorithms, reducing the cost of electricity consumed and safely interacting with the entire environment. Which naturally leads to significant reductions in all transactional fees and increasing all the advantages of the blockchain technology many times over. High-quality implementation of a powerful idea that can fundamentally affect the further development of the whole blockchain technology, because absolutely any company can use the new HARMONY concept. No matter whether it needs to store its data or monetize its business processes. In either case, HARMONY will do its job.

Token Details

Token Symbol: TBACrowdsale Token Price: TBA
Hard Cap: TBA
Maximum market cap at ICO on a fully diluted basis: TBA
Total Tokens for Sale: 4,200,000,000 (20% of the Total Supply)
Token Sale Date: TBA


For more information and join Harmony social media today please follow these resources:

WEBSITE: https://harmony.one/

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/harmony_one

WHITEPAPER: https://harmony.one/whitepaper

ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5104998.0

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/harmonyprotocol

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/harmony-one

GITHUB: https://github.com/harmony-one

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