FABA investing

Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising FABA Invest and its advantages.

About FABA investing:

Faba is the first venture capital token with a positive impact on life. Faba is a co-creator of human potential. Decentralized voting systems allow joint decision making when choosing projects. This connects the economy of the traditional venture capital market with the crypto world which presents new opportunities for both. Faba was founded by a group of experienced people, who were interested in supporting the project and a team of people with ambitions to influence the world.

FABA LTD invests in projects that go through a professional due diligence process, where it becomes an equity shareholder. Because of their professional approach, financial investment and time commitment from mentors and sign holders (FABA), the company's valuation has increased. Their investment then comes out at its peak to return some initial investment to our token holders.

The Joint Vision has helped determine the target segments and future megatrends that are changing the current environment and contributing to further development: Foodtech, Biotech, AI, Robotics, and other sector agnostic opportunities. Investment horizon is set at 8 years. (FABA) token holders will be awarded during investment based on dividend strategies of each company and actual exit times.

Goals and Objectives

Faba's main goal is to become the largest venture capital company that supports projects that change the game with a positive impact on our environment. Economic Mechanism of FABA Tokens

In the first round of investment, FABA LTD together (FABA) token holders, aims to support a maximum of 110 projects with the prospect of 11-17 successful projects that will achieve target assessments of 10-30 multiples of initial investment. It is common that up to 60% of the company's average VC portfolio will fail with a ROI lower than 1 and the remaining company will produce an ROI between 1 and 5. FABA will eliminate the failure rate by implementing a comprehensive due diligence process and implementation of the distribution mechanism bound to agreed important milestones of the project invested. It is expected to make all seed investments in the first 1-2 years and private equity investments in the first year to ensure sufficient time to achieve a significant increase in value before leaving the stock that will occur continuously. (FABA) tokens have voting rights. Every holder min. 2000 (FABA) tokens have voting rights and can have their own input on selected projects. We are preparing an interface where it is possible to submit proposals and votes for new projects. Both FABA LTD holders and (FABA) will be able to send projects for voting. After the project receives a positive majority of the total FABA voters, it is considered a pre-approval for funding. FABA LTD is allowed to use max. 20% of their voting rights. This mechanism allows us to get market feedback and inspiration when making decisions about new investments. The time frame is always one month, and each new project proposal is subject to symbolic processing fees. The Faba application will also display projects that have been supported by basic reporting schemes and special mentors.


FABA tokens holders will have access to the distribution of profits from the sale of shares of companies, the payment of dividends will be held at ETH.

Another token FABA offers the holders of the future growth of the value of the token, and as the number of projects will increase for each token will account for more than the potential profits from the sale of their shares.

Our cooperation process

FABA with venture investment fund open first brought into Blockchain. Faba supports companies that have a positive impact on the fields of environment, food, biotechnology, education, ... according to the cooperation process that FABA provides is excellent.

FABA Token

1st ROUND =>Token Price = $1

2nd ROUND => Token Price = $1.3

Token Supply => 160,000,000 FABA

Token For Pre-ICO and ICO => 80,000,000 FABA

ICO Soft-cap => $4,000,000

ICO Hard-cap => $67,500,000


Contact Information
WEBSITE: https://vc.fabainvest.com/

ANNTHREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5067299.0

WHITEPAPER: https://www.faba-white-paper.com/FABA.pdf

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/fabainvest/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/FabaInvest

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@fabainvest

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMfeTjZWPjPfN5fb2slWPng

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/Fabainvest/

VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/fabainvest

TELEGRAM: http://t.me/fabaventurecapital

GITHUB: https://github.com/gitfaba/

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fabainvest/

Author's Info:

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