Good afternoon, my dear crypto-enthusiasts, and today I want to tell you about the wonderful and promising CUSTOM-CONTRACT NETWORK and its advantages


The project will make sure that the use and the utilization of smart contracts will be possible for every organizations in their own model of transaction policy. With this, every organization will be able to make use of CCN as their model of transaction without any struggle at all.

CCN is here with the goal of bringing improvements to every organization with the establishment of this awesome innovation and that they can develop contracts with the lowest forms of fee. The use of the smart-agreement contracts provided by custom contract network will rely on the ethereum network so that it users can have a more suitable service across the world. With the use of ETH network, this project will be able to render an effective operations and a more sophisticated protection to secure the clients resources and also ensure a smooth activities within the system. With the dependency on ETH potentials, we can all be sure that the users resources will be kept well and secured for deployment of contracts and tokens by the members.


1.Post Service Support

The system is continually prepared to help them in a bad position or in case they need any support. They can contact our team at the most dependable possible time for better help.

2.Complete User Interaction

We have quite, patient and all around prepared workers who are focused on interacting with the user

3.High-quality End Product Delivery

CCN viably takes an enthusiasm with the users in their product enhancement process. A thing needs to experience a movement of stages from ideation through structure, advancement and market introduction.

4: 24/7 Customer Support

At CCN, we're centered around your whole satisfaction. Our FREE, each moment of consistently Tech Support hotline is a trusted in the asset for a large number of customers just like you. Rely upon us for help beforehand, in the midst of, or after the service.

5.Expertise in Development

The team of engineers working with CCN has more than five years of experience in the field. We have engineers those are working with Blockchain advancement and Smart contract enhancement to develop the best application for you.

6.Cost Effective

We give the most minimal cost services to Smart contract advancement and Auditing services.

7.Fast and Reliable Development

Accessibility of dependable process and fluctuated assets engage us to quicken the technique of advancement moreover CCN has a trusted in a group of experienced engineers to create your dApps on time with a settled due date. Furthermore, we have amassed our own one of a kind library of Ethereum bugs, mistakes and vulnerabilities to affirm the smart contract against it to ensure the smart contract's security additionally, good quality.

8.Certification of Compliance

In the wake of performing thorough smart contract looking at we deliver a report of all tests played out, also, delayed consequences of those tests with comments and affirmation of consistency. The underwriting confirms your smart contract consents to the necessities of CCN Cyber Security Standard.

9.Testnet Implementation

Before your smart contract is sent over mainnet it is passed on at testnet to check the usefulness, streamlining, and consistency with gauges of smart contract.

10: Multiple Payment Options

CCN recognizes 9 sorts of Cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, TRX, DASH, DGB, XMR, BCH), 3 sorts of fiat monetary structures (INR, USD, EURO) and CCN Token to purchase CCN services.

So what are the benefits of CCN?

First, it is the quick and reliable creation of a smart contract. Experienced professionals create contracts as soon as possible. Together with the finished work, the client receives a detailed report on testing the smart contract system.

Secondly, reasonable prices. Creating your own smart contract is available to every businessman. Moreover, you can pay for CCN services in a variety of ways. The company accepts 9 types of cryptocurrency (among which there are both the most popular coins - BTC, ETH, and less common - BCH, XMR, and others), 3 types of real currencies (USD, EURO and even INR) and CCN tokens.

Third, CCN takes care of its customers even after all the work is completed. Each client can get free advice from CCN specialists at the time of contacting the company, during the development of his smart contract or after the work has been completed. CCN experts are constantly in touch with each client.

I think the CCN project is a real helper in solving business issues. Due to its usefulness and reliability, this project becomes an interesting object for investment. Just think, because it is here that the most active and far-sighted businessmen will turn in the near future. Be sure to pay attention to the CCN project!


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ERC-20, Utility Token

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