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Understanding Direct Sales
Direct sales are one of the retail chains which most of the branded and small companies sell their goods and services to the consumers directly on this platform. It is quite different from usual retailers. It not just acts as a means to deliver quality products and services but encourages strong minded people to start their own business at minimum cost.

Although, direct sales have numerous advantages but like any other business it has its own problems on the other side.
• The distributors are most of the time are not clear particularly with the market schemes and secrecy
• The distributors face problems when it comes to income as they are required to bring people in structure and their contribution rather than considering the percentage of sales
• Marketing companies use financial pyramid elements as honest marketing plan may sometimes turn out to be a fraudulent misrepresentation
• Direct selling companies depend on website developer and programmers, hosting providers, servers and many
• It also faces issues like non-payment of income or timely payments
• It can be risky by depending on every direct seller as some might end up doing fraudulent activities
• There will be a huge requirement to carry on for starting a business

To keep many such problems at bay, team Lider has created a Unified Digital Platform Lider powered by Blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence which establishes transparency in business processes and act as a mode of interaction between direct selling companies, customers and distributors. It completely excludes fraudulent activities as project Lider prefers to keep a distance from unwanted illegal activities in direct sales.

Knowing about Lider Token
Lider Token is the only and first token which is meant for direct sale companies. It is a pioneer project which encourages direct sales to create a unique experience by combining direct sales companies, their employees, and customers. It is one of the first decentralized cryptocurrency, designed to reward employees and customers of direct sales companies.

Lider Token creates a benchmark with its Unified Digital Platform Lider using Blockchain technology in achieving a better understanding of the direct sales and support across the globe.

The key features of Unified Digital Platform Lider are as follows;
• To have high level of ethical behaviour in the world of market
• Ensuring protection of industry interests
• Providing rights for direct sellers
• Ensuring respect for consumer rights, act as a protective shield from unfair commercial practices, offering quality products so that consumer can enjoy same rights as they will when bought goods from their own country or from other states
• Promotes transparency between direct selling companies and customers
• Promoting the integration and coordination on direct selling companies ensuring legal certainty and clarity

It is a unique single digital platform Lider with the purpose of enhancing digital literacy among employees, customers, and direct selling companies. The key purpose of the project team Lider Token is to showcase the benefits of direct sale and provide complete protection to both direct sellers and customers beyond the current existing laws. The motive behind this project is to urge direct sellers to work on an independent basis, instigating direct selling companies to work on their own based on the Project Lider guidance, training, and support offered.

How is Direct Sales Promoted?
Lider team project initiated the task of promoting direct sales so as to;
• Create a trustworthy environment for both consumers and direct sellers through dynamic and reliable distribution channel
• Provide opportunities for people from all ages and from all walks of life no matter what their gender, race, disability or education level are; the Lider act as a supporting factor for strong minded people to create their very own business with little risk

It promotes various advantages of direct sales on the basis of core values such as freedom, trust, and personal connection and also conducts loyalty programs for both customers and employees of direct sales companies. Any direct sales can join this project just by submitting the application. The Lider Tokens will be given for free of cost unless it fulfils the company’s conditions.
• Payments should be done through Unified Digital Platform Lider
• Use voting through Unified Digital Platform Lider
• Payments on advertising campaigns to be done on Lider Bux
• Payment services to be done from Freelancing Exchange Lider
• Payment for goods and services of companies-partners

About Lider Token

Apart from the above, Lider Tokens can also be obtained from the following;
• Project’s airdrop
• Loyalty programs of company-Partners
• Earnings on Lider Bux
• By participating in the project competitions
• Bonuses, remuneration, and payments through Lider Forum
• Through Freelancing Exchange Lider
• Affiliate programs of Lider Bux and Lider Forum

Forum Lider

The Forum creates a direct communication between the direct selling companies, employees and customers. It consists of innovative technologies in which business dealings can be done through cryptocurrency and take advantages of Blockchain technologies. It is an initiative taken by team Lider so as to unite like-minded people and provide unlimited opportunities for development. Some of the key features for the users include;
• Embedded content from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter in the message
• Option to add signature under the message
• Include advertisements under user’s avatar
• Opportunity to participate in contest
• Provide training opportunity

Moreover, there is also has an opportunity to earn Lider through Forums. The Ratings provided is the balance through which Lider will be calculated. Earned online tokens will be distributed as a part. One part can be withdrawn through Waves Wallet and other part will be credited to advertising balance in Lider Bux. However, minimum amount to be withdrawn will be 200 Lider Tokens

Lider Bux

It is a new generation promotion service that allows advertisers to promote a different type of web advertising and allow users to be an advertiser or view advertisements and earn by doing a simple task. The users have the option to earn money without any investment. Once users are done with the registration they are assigned with simple task and payment will be done after the completion of the task.

On the other hand, advertisers can advertise their website, banner or task and potential clients will able to view it. This platform is easy to set up and is absolutely compatible with both experienced and newbies. With Lider Bux services entrepreneurs can save money and time as it doesn’t require much money for the promotion of the project nor it takes much time to perform the work. As far as the sales are concerned as time goes by the popularity of the brand or service provided will increase which significantly will increase the sales.

Steps to start advertising

• Create a task- Start creating advertisement, as per the need customize impression strategy and fix advertisement budget.
• Deposit funds- Add funds and get bonus from the replenishment amount.
• Activate the task- once the task gets activated, statistics can be viewed from the real-time mode

Rate and costs of Lider Bux
• Banner- Advertising banners will cost 60 Lider per thousand impression
• View site- Users view advertisement site till the specific time period mentioned by advertisers. It costs 58 Lider per thousand visits
• Tasks- The tasks are posted in a special page under specified category for which list of minimum cost will be provided by the system to choose. It requires 20 Lider per 100 executions

Freelancing Exchange Lider

It is a platform which consists of various experts and market leaders who can help a business to grow. It is where the opportunity is given to the users to search experts for their assignments and others search customers for their service.

Once the author publishes the job, it will be available in the general list which will be viewed by the user and create a proposal for the given task with desired pricing. The author will comment and approve the user as a performer to perform the task. The author of the task has to pay a certain amount in advance or can be deducted from the personal account to initiate the task.

Lider Token on Blockchain Waves
Waves are the fastest Blockchain in the world which performs hundreds of operations per second. It is an open Blockchain platform along with Decentralized multi-purpose exchange platform which provides necessary functions for the inclusion of Blockchain technology into the business and ensures outstanding security to safeguard the interest of all.

It is an energy efficient system with ‘proof of stake’ consensus algorithm which requires just a fraction of the computing power and electricity needed by Proof of Work. It is a versatile platform with 13 types of transaction available in Waves Blockchain providing flexibility and enabling developers to implement complex logic for dApps.

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