The blockchain is a technology that offers versatility, security, and speed for the segment of the populace that could get right of entry to it. There are already a number of technological units that provide ease of use, it is necessary some prior computer technical knowledge.

In Koitech Studio to promote the use of the blockchain within any environments and commercial region, growing a coin known as KOI observed by way of commercial enterprise strategies and innovative projects.

The blockchain gives some of properly equipment that can be used to benefit the alternate of companies and might contribute to the development and boom of a country's economy. Looking at the current needs of the surroundings wherein KOI concept is born, it may be visible that the use of this technology and its adoption are a long way from attaining unless a friendly gadget is advanced, effortlessly handy and easy to apply, for both personal as for the service provider.

We offer Blockchain within anyone's reach
One of the maximum tough areas with which the new person of the blockchain has located is the dearth of alternatives and ease when making transactions. KoiTech Studio located the solution to that problem or even more, KOI supply gets right of entry to human beings with little knowledge and without technological gadgets at their disposal. To know more about our functions and offers, visit www.koitechstudios.com/en/

You can earn money from the Blockchain
KoiTech Studio had been conceived so that everyone can earn money from the Blockchain. IT and Technological development crew became given the mission of comparing the different proposals of the current marketplace and their weaknesses, and in this manner, devise a congruent portfolio that ensures the success of the KOI currency, generating an Independent and essential industrial ecosystem and, chiefly, Self-maintaining.

Permit's talk about money

What is a Currency?
The coin is a bit of a resistant material, of uniform weight and composition, typically of metal coined in the disc shape and with the badges selected via the issuing authority, that's used as a measure of exchange (money) for its prison or intrinsic value and as a unit of account. The currency of criminal tender of a country is likewise known as Currency.

What's a Token?
One of the terms of everyday use in the cryptomunda is the token, an Anglicism that in Spanish we could to translate as a record. An environment of cryptoactive technology the tokens have defined characteristics; it is often confused with cryptocurrencies and even uses each word indistinctly as synonyms.

KOI Cryptocurrency
Currency includes a token based totally at the Ethereum network, which is defined as a decentralized platform and on which clever contracts are done, which are based on the ERC20 well known that guarantees interoperability among tokens.

KOI Currency is designed to be easily interchangeable and to work in an included way with Dapps that use the ERC20 trendy.

KoiTech Studio projects have been conceived, computer and Technological improvement team comparing the exceptional proposals of the current marketplace and their weaknesses, to plan a congruent portfolio on the way to make sure the success of KOI token, generating an independent and Self-maintaining surroundings.


What is the endorsement or the genuine value of money?
The money circulating inside the international, such as the dollar, has no intrinsic fee or tangible backing and its only value is its recognition as a method of payment, that is, a fiduciary price, this is, primarily based on the consideration of the only who offers it and who gets it.
Name: KOI
Symbol: KOI
Type: ERC20
Maximum Units: 5,000,000,000
Pre-ICO Units: 10,000,000
Pre-ICO Value: 1 ETH = 952 KOI
Pre-ICO Start: 01/02/2019
Pre-ICO End: 28/02/2019
ICO Units: 200,000,000
ICO Value: 1 ETH = 476 KOI
ICO Start: 01/03/2019
ICO End: 30/04/2019
Public Sale Value: 1 ETH = 280 KOI


Project # 1

• The first project that released to the public and the only that we've financed and worked hard given that 2017.
• It is a device that could function as an internet / mobile wallet.
• Operations among customers might be flexible, verifiable and transparent.

Technology Involved
The technological base involved on this project is a decentralized utility (DApp), where not only can be saved KOI Currency created with the ERC20 protocol, however, additionally transactions with more than one usage alternatives, wherein simplicity and statistics safety go hand in hand.

KOI POS virtual
Some Use instances
• A business that doesn't have to get admission to a point of sale, may additionally use KOI POS to get hold of payments for goods and offerings, pay their suppliers or alternate KOI for FIAT Currency in an alternate residence
• A user who wants to pay for goods or offerings, but without access at that second to his cell/web, KOI system allows the fee with only the presentation of an identity, the change will look for the consumer within the database, request the brief key to the user, and after confirming the fee, the person can be capable of obtaining the product.
• A person who is in another country desires to send price range thru KOI utility, asks the recipient for his email and in a matter of seconds, the budget will already be to be had in his wallet.

Data of Interest
Organizations should find a new enterprise version for his or her improvement, on the way to make better use of their very own blessings.

“Technological advances have lowered entry limitations and multiplied possibilities in digital trade, facilitating country coverage and move-border alternate. In 2016, 36% of online businesses in the US they made go-border transactions and 69% have their own website. One in three corporations intends within the brief term to start advertising in different countries”.

Blessings of KOI POS
• Multi-platform and multi-tool generation.
• Destiny integration modules with digital stores.
• Intuitive and person-pleasant interface.
• Verifiable transactions via our internal browser
• Platform constructed for use via the subsequent methods: QR Scanner, Sending payments with email, receiving charge with id
• Technology created for customers without information on Blockchain.
• No fee for the use of the platform.
• The alternative of anonymity in transactions.
• Marketplace for exchange of KOI via FIAT.
• P2P bills quick without looking forward to confirmation by using the party of the blockchain.

KOI audience is all folks that in a single way or some others are related to any financial transaction, be it buy or sale, transfer of money, countrywide or worldwide.
We do not exclude those who lack computer knowledge, nor people with few technological assets; we leave apart is the complexity of generation in regular use.
• People without technology or without knowledge of Blockchain
• New human beings in Blockchain and with access to generation
• People with experience in Blockchain

Feasibility of the use of KOI POS
• Technology is created for users withotu the Blockchain knowledge
• There is no commission to use the platform
• there is an option of anonymity in the transactions
• FIAT provides the marketplace for exchange
• Quick P2P payment without the need to wait fro confirmation by Blockchain party
• Multi-platform and multi-device technology
• Future modules integrated with electronic stores
• Intuitive and user-friendly interface
• Verifiable transactions via our internal browser

Reasons to go away bank activity on the mobile
• Mobile report in Spain and in world 2018 posted by way of www.Ditrendia.Com, the largest trouble in transactions was solved with KOI application.
• Retail sales developments via cellular commerce within the global
• Electronic sales worldwide reached 2,304 billion greenbacks in 2017, which represents a growth of 24.8% over the preceding yr. Of that income, a complete of $ 1.35 billion, were made via cellular. This means that 58.9% of total digital sales are already made via cellular, a trend with a view to preserve to boom and reach its height as virtual natives mature as customers, attaining 72.9% in 2021.

Global attractiveness of mobile payment techniques
Customers' self-assurance in the payment systems to carry out their economic transactions has elevated.

In the United States, the Starbucks mobile payments utility is the maximum success and it is expected that with the aid of the quiet of the yr it'll have 23.4 million customers within the country.

Sending Remittances
Latin America for the year 2017, according to the World Bank, reached a figure of 40,442,000,000 USD, offering an open window to commercial projects related to the sending and receiving of foreign currency, and that there's an excessive quantity of target audiences.

Project # 2

KOI POS will expand a video game platform based totally on ERC721, we are able to create KOI collectibles that should be bought with KOI token. The precise character of the development of our crypto recreation is that customers can experience leisure even as producing earnings.

Technology implemented to CRYPTO-GAME
We need to facilitate the interplay of the players, giving them the opportunity to be creators of the to be had environments; to reap this, JAVA technology and very own improvement to be patented may be used. Being games created by way of the proprietors of KOI Token ERC721, they will have configurable alternatives.

The numbers shown by DappRadar show us that there are a sizable variety of users of Cryptogams (198,323) with a daily circulating asset of USD 39M.
Around 70% of ETH programs are crypto-collectible video games in the Ethereum ecosystem, crypto actives had been mentioned for mobilizing and producing large capitalizations, in addition to setting up new forms of coexistence within the decentralized community which has completed that 70% of Ethereum's packages, to call some, are crypto-collectible video games.

This record sets out the initiatives to be evolved and carried out throughout the 2019-2020 period, there are different problems to be solved that generate the development and implementation of different projects.
• Educational Academies
• Sports activities groups
• Travel and Tourism
• Technological advances
• Manufacturing and creation

The acquisition of KOI tokens and their garage involves several risks, for which it is the responsibility of the person, to safeguard all access right of entry to statistics to his pockets, each that used to acquire our currency, as well as our POS.


June 2017- Birth of the idea
July 2017- Core team selection
August 2017- POS Marketing research
October 2017- Started POS development
April 2018- Corporate identity creation
July 2018- End POS development
August 2018- Beta test POS
September 2018- Cryptogame Marketing research
November 2018- Whitepaper&Marketing plan creation
December 2018- Web development
January 2019- Strated cryptogame development
February 2019- Koi token codification, Website launch, starts private sale
March 2019- Private sale ends, Starts ICO
April 2019- POS integration to the blockchain
May 2019- ICO ends, Starts token sale
June 2019- Sign up in Exchange
July 2019- Cryptogame ERC721 token launch
August 2019- Starts development sports community
October 2019- Sports community marketing research
December 2019- Anual report
January 2020- POS project audit and restructuring
February 2020- Cryptogame launch


Jesús Morán
Founder / CEO

J.M. Márquez
Founder / CEO

Jesús Monsalve
Chief Communications Officer

Victor M. Márquez
Chief Marketing Officer

Pranav Arya
Strategy Consultant

Mike van Rijsingen
Strategy Consultant


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