BIZPAYE - A Real World Retail Marketplace For The Blockchain


BizPay is the safe option to the customers who are seeking get a better returns from their investment. Bizpay provides a comprehensive and through knowledge to the customers regarding the anti-money laundering the implementation of Combating Finance of Terrorism this will also include monitoring any suspicious transactions and report to the local regulators.

Vision and Mission
The main mission of Bizpay is to present a flexible approaches to transact across various boards. Similarly it is with the mission to provide a complete transparency with low fees scenario to the global audience in its own ecosystem.

Bizpay aims liquidizing idel and spare capacity from small to medium sized enterprises along side helping them to generate good revenue using an effective business model.

Bizpay functions as an International Group of Companies with huge investment made for the last five years. Bizpay works closely with many partners, especially involved in technology, including Global Exchange Tranding, Runasis, Bartervana, and many others in a workable system. Here Bizpay Merchants transact and trade in a unique way. The transactional system will include Rear end customer Relationship Management platform and Merchant front ends. These two support will help to stimulate and enhance potential tradition or the transaction activities of the merchants.

Technology Used

Bizpay has developed a unique system, which helps to develop and grow the transactions along with trading. Moreover, Bizpay with Blockchain creates opportunities to enhance merchant experience and improve the transactional systems. This is considered to be more secured and supports easy Blockchain technology adaptation.
Examples of How Bizpay Tokens works:

  1. USD Barter dollar Credit is equal in value to Fiat USD Dollar
  2. Thai Barter Baht Credit is equal to fiat Thai Baht

The Bizpay Crypto launched on Blockchain provides fundamental changes along with enabling shift to merchants and customers interaction and transaction on daily basisi within Bizpay ecosystem.

The post launch of Bizpay Crypto token will make Bizpay to expand its global reach. The Blockchain ecosystem is highly transparent and it benefits 2nd generation blockhain traders with innovative solutions. Blockchain helps members to easily record date, price, quality, and location.

Bizpay with the clear understanding acquires Merchants who accept Barter credit or Crypto credit in lieu of payment for the services and goods and localize presence to explain how new payment currency integrated into their business. There is also a limitation for the Merchants available within Crypto platforms. This implies that merchants will need face to face education to trust and accept new form of non-fiat currency.

BizPay Crypto Token Overview

Token Name: Bizpay Crypto
Token Trading Symbol: Crypto
Token type: erc 20
Tokens Minted: 1,000,000,000
Token Decimals: 18
Token Adress: 0x7875bAfc5d63Fa035DeA0809c2a57A382d772903
ICO / ITO / IEO: Project is funded as existing Business Unit

Bizpay Market Overview

• According to the World Bank, the annual global market value of non-financing range varies according to its performance.
• The transaction is works $23 Billion per year, which is growing from 1980 (US$10 Billion Barter Transaction to 2016 130% increase
• It is believed that these fi gures scratch surface when it reaches non-fi at transactions
• The fi gures recommended by world Bank do not take other massive non-fi sectors like growing, coupon market, and others to account
• These sectors are estimated to hold the value of over US$46 Billion worldwide in 2016 with players like Couponomy and Groupon
• About $23 Billion a year in the market relies on traditional peer-to-poeer, which records the trades and transaction using manual bookkeeping, or traditional approaches

Present market and challenges
• According to IRTA, international reciprocal Trade Association, the governing body of barter trade exchange across the world writers regarding merge towards cryptocurrency for the barter industry will be a threat
• One can hypothesize the emergence of crypto currency as a threat for its nature of batter exchange members who represent the group of organization
• Present market evolves continuously and the barter trade exchange industry functions in an effective way
• Bizpay recognizes potential of blockchain technology, which can bring a huge change
• Bizpay suggest solutions that are suitable at any situation alongside adopting Blockchain technology

Transaction Model for the Bizpay Crypto Token Holders

  1. Buyer can seller use Bizpay Barter credit currency for trading and bypass transaction barriers
  2. On passing the transaction beyond border of restricted Crypto environment buyer and seller can enter 3rd party transaction to trade and transact Barter credit holding in Bizpay crypto tokens without any political barriers
  3. This provides seller access cryptocurrency

Bizpay Ecosystem

• The ecosystem of Bizpay is expected to become the global decentralized barter marketplace
• Here the merchants can interact to buy / sell products
• This marketplace allows transactions iin B2B, C2B, and C2C using mixed fabric transaction unit
• It creates a smart contracts to facilitate trade between members and hold Bizpay crypto token to initialize trade
• Crypto token by Bizpay stores variouos matters such as integrated online wallet to all aceive accounts

Various process involved in Bizpay Ecosystem
• Members who are buyers
• Members who are sellers
• Fulfilment resources
• Bizpay trade platform
• Bizpay crypto wallets and decentralized data

The buying member can be an individual or a business that wants to buy goods and services from other member. This buying member will search goods and services that are listed by members as sellers orders and pay for goods and services, receive reward crypto and provide member feedback and receive promotion, and loyalty.

Member as sellers will sell goods and services, which encompass conceivable consumable that are relevant to consumer and business trade market place ranging from rice to property.
The selling member will publish good and services for sales and deliver goods and services.

BizPay Support Center
The actions of Bizpay support center will include;
• Member acquisition campaign
• POS processes
• Educational event management services
The Blockchain application in Bizpay ecosystem can be influenced by many factors like
• Smart Contracts
• Payments

The smart contracts is the new set of tools and framework, which Bizpay creates a new generation marketplace.

The buyers and sellers of Bizpay and iinteract and engage in trustless transaction, which are always protected by different trading and business rules.
Bizpay consider the provision of various parameterized smart contract templates to facilitate sale mechanism and this will not require middlemen activities or costs.

Goods and Services of Bizpay

• The goods and services in Bizpay ecosystem should be simple and convenient to advertise, order and consume
• Goods and services in Bizpay Crypto token platform should have various defined parameters such as name, price, description and more
• It aims making quick and easy to locate or select appropriate goods and services

Bizpay contracts
Bizpay has introduced SS’s and SB’s to enable search of goods and services easy to the members.

The buyers can deploy SB parameterized contract and that triggers suitable SB for an immediate process and this is in the guidelines parameterized within SB
SS or SB should provide ease of use with ultimate control.

The SB and SS contracts are core parameterized smart contracts on blockchain and are limited in ability to read data outside blockchain.

Data provided via API or similar restful delivery SS and SB are autonomous.
The closing elements for trade will facilitate delivery of external data in digitally signed structure and formats.

Smart contract verifies signature and process data to progress order.

Bizpay Trade and Cryptocurrencies - lowest fees for Crypto Token – Bizpay
• Bizpay and other barter platforms work on a margin of 3.5% to 6.5% seller and buyer
• Bizpay Crypto token eco system provides transparent and good solution to the varying fees
• Each MFT attracts variable fee – VF
• VF is constructed of a fixed amount of ecosystem fee, which is similar to gas on Ethereum blockchain
• Value fee for each elements of MFT is laid
• Transaction cost favour Bizpaye as the ecosystems own currency, which are costly for fi at transactions

Example; Card Types, Lines Of Credit & Fee’s Offered in USA

• GOLD CARD – UP TO T$25,000 CREDIT – FEE’S 5.25% + TAX BUY & SELL

Utility Token
• Similar to electronics dealer, this accepts orders for video games, released several months later the startup and create utility tokens or sell digital coupons for goods and services it is developing.
• The Security token is the digital asset, which derives its value from external asset and can be traded.
• These tokens subject to federal laws, which govern securities.
• Failure to comply with regulations may result in severe consequences such as penalities and potential derailment of project development.

Why Choose Bizpay?

• Bizpay crypto is used to existing Bizpaye Business units, which sets standard that is hard to match from crypto start-ups
• Bizpay is organically growing its business across the globe for 5 years since establishment
• Bizpay continues to grow and contributes its supports for its active merchants, members who signed Master Franchise agreements, constant development, implementation of software products for merchants and other products
• Bizpay rade was launched by Global Trade Management that quickly expanded its Franchised operations to various countries across the world
• The reason for rapid growth was attracting Merchant marketplace, which operated on various currency platform such as Barter trade credits, Cash, Credit cards and others
• Bizpay has a wider market acceptance and it use Bizpay crypto tokens for transaction with merchants
• The increase in numbers of merchants base is the core strategy of Bizpay crypto, pre launch strategies and it focuses on recruitment of new merchants for which the token holders transact
• The strategies are developed and employed for incentivizing merchants actively accept Bizpay token as their preferred method of payment for transaction


September 2013 
Global Trade Management Limited 
The company Global Trade Management 
Limited (GTM) is established in Hong Kong 
October 2013 
BIZpaye Hong Kong 
BlZpaye Hong Kong Master Franchise Signed 
December 2013 
BlZpaye Philippine 
BlZpaye Philippine Master Franchise Signed

February 2014 
BlZpaye Australia 
BlZpaye Australia Master Franchise Signed 
March 2014
BlZpaye India 
BlZpaye India Master Franchise Signed

June 2015
BlZpaye Corporate Division 
BlZpaye Corporate Division Commences 
(GTM) Hong Kong 
November 2015 
Radio BlZpaye 
Radio BlZpaye Commences 

April 2016
BlZpaye Germany 
BlZpaye Germany Master Franchise Signed 
December 2016 
Platinum Member Card 
BlZpaye Platinum Member Card Launched

September 2017 
Crypto Project Team 
BlZpaye CRYPTO Project Team Formed

October 2017
BlZpaye CRYPTO R&D Commences 
November 2017 
BlZpaye Dubai 
BlZpaye Dubai Master Franchise Signed

January 2018
BIZpaye Cambodia 
BIZpaye Cambodia Master Franchise Signed 
January 2018 
BIZpaye Canada 
BlZpaye Canada Master Franchise Signed 
February 2018 
BIZpaye Norway 
BIZpaye Norway Master Franchise Signed 
February 2018 
BIZpaye USA 
BIZpaye USA Master Franchise Signed 
February 2018 
Cashless Early Bird Token Pre-Sale Commences 
BlZpaye Canada Master Franchise Signed 
March 2018 
Cashless Early Bird Token Pre-Sale Ends 
BIZpaye CRYPTO Pre-Sale & Cashless 
Early Bird Sale Ends More Than US$ 2 
Million Sold 

March 2018
Website & Marketing Completed 
BlZpaye CRYPTO Website & Marketing Completed
April 2018 
New Barter Software Launched 
New BlZpaye Trade Transaction Software Release 
Whitepaper BlZpaye CRYPTO Whitepaper Commenced 
 Lite Paper Released BIZpaye CRYPTO Lite Paper Released 
May 2018 
Legal, KYC & AML 
BlZpaye CRYPTO Legal, KYC & AML 
July 2018 
Token Swap Platform Development 
BlZpaye CRYPTO Whitepaper Commenced 
November 2018 
Token Minting 
Token Contract Uploaded To Blockchain
December 2018 
1st Exchange Listing 
Token listed on the Proassetz Exchange 
put on trading halt until early 2019

January 2019 
APB International PTE. LTD. 
New Singapore Management 
Company For Token Release 
Febuary 2019 
Token Swap Platform Beta Testing 
BIZpaye Token Swap Platform 
Deployed For Pre-Market Testing 
April 2019 
Token Distribution Commences 
BIZpaye CRYPTO Token Distribution Commences 
April 2019 
Token Trading Commences 
BIZpaye CRYPTO Token Trading Commences on the Proassetz Exchange 
June 2019 & Beyond
Token Swap Platform Beta Testing 
BIZpaye CRYPTO Core Strategy Rollout Commences 
Crypto Merchant Rewards Program 
Variable Transaction App Fiat / Trade / Crypto 
Merchant Recruitment & Growth All Countries 
Expansion Of Existing Crypto Ecommerce Platform 
White Label Crypto Exchange For The Barter industry 
BIZpaye Token Generating Platform For The Barter Industry 
BIZpaye Swap Platform - Convert Poor Performing Tokens Assets To BIZpaye Crypto 
Collaboration With Existing Ecommerce Platforms For Crypto Adaptation

Throughout 2019 & Beyond 
Country & Merhcant Growth Continues 
BIZpaye CRYPTO Country & Merhcant Growth Through Collaborations & Co-Branding 
BIZpaye Trade & Crypto Through 2019 Has Already Successfully Rebranded or Co-Branded 
Several Canadian & North American Barter / Trade Businesses 
Not Only Will Target Growth Be Globally, But Special Focus Will Be Placed On Regions Such As; North & South America Central & Northern Asia & Asean Countries Europe & The Middle East 
Interested Parties Can Contact The BIZpaye Corporate Team Direct





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